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AccuwebHosting Company was established in 2003 In United States of America. There are different types of hosting plans and services provided by Accuweb like domain registration, SSL certificate and many more. They have around 1 million plus websites on their server because of their quality service and positive customer review.

You will get different types of hosting plans from Accuwebhosting. Which are Shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, WordPress hosting, Dedicated server and Reseller Hosting plans. Besides these plans they also offer other additional services like Backup service, free site migration and Anti-spam email protection service.

You will have choice to choose hosting plans according to your budget. For example if you are starting a new blog and the traffic is very less then you can opt for shared webhosting plan.

Accuwebhosting have its data service centres in different countries like INDIA, USA, CANADA, FRANCE, AUSTRILIA, SINGAPORE and other countries.

What are the Pros to choose the Accu web Hosting?

There are many pros and cons for using AccuwebHosting services for your website. Let’s review all the points given below for accuwebhosting.

1. Great UPTIME

UPTIME is so important for any website. If you are choosing any web hosting for your website then first thing which you see is its UPTIME. There are few reason why it is important.

>> If servers’ downtime is high then your website will not be accessible maximum time. It means your will lose your traffic during downtime.

>> This also leads to low rank in the Google searches. Which is another reason for traffic lose.

Accu web Hosting Company is serving from last 17 plus year and having lots of customers with them because of the positive review.

Somehow they fail to give you UPTIME service as per commitment then they have some terms as compensation.

2. Great & Reasonable Hosting plans

Accuwebhosting offers many reasonable price hosting plans for every type of business. You will find plans like WordPress web hosting, Shared web host, VPS host and Reseller host.

All shared plans are available at reasonable price. If you want to host websites more than 1 then you can go for VPS plans.

You will find different types of features in every plan as per your needs.

3. Professional Customer Support

Accuwebhosting provides professional and dedicated support to customers. There are different types of support options available like Chat & email. If you need a quick help from support then you can also reach them via phone.

Not even limited to this you will find another options to learn like Community support, Self Support Portal and Video tutorials etc.

This support team is available 24*7 for your help. Once you put any question to their support staff then they provide a satisfactory solution.

If you are not happy with this web hosting service then you have money back guarantee option which we will discuss in detail below.

4. 30 Days money back guarantee

Not happy with Accuwebhosting then ask for refund from them before 30 days on Shared web hosting. There are few terms and conditions on refund policy because 30 days refund policy is not apply on all types of hosting plans.

For shared web hosting: These types of plans have 30 days full refund policies. You can simply ask your refund within 30 days after your purchase date.

For VPS hosts: Here you will find one lacking point for this hosting provider is that only 7 days refund policy is available on VPS hosting plans. Once refund period over then you can’t ask for refund.

For Dedicated Servers: For these hosting plans there is no refund terms available. It means these orders are non-refundable. Even domains are also not included in the refund policy. You will not find any prorated refund for any services you purchased. You can check these terms and conditions for more information.

5. Data Centers Availability

Accuwebhosting having its data centres in many countries in the world. You can choose a data server according to your choice.

There are many countries like FRANCE, USA, INDIA, CANADA, AUSTRILIA, SINGAPORE and other countries.

6. 1-Click Installer available

In Accuwebhosting plans you get option to install the website platforms like WordPress and other major platform with single click.

This option is very useful for those persons who have no technical knowledge to install these applications manually.

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Cons of Using the AccuWeb Hosting

Every web hosting servers has its pros and cons. This web host also have some cons. Let’s discuss these points below.

1. Limited Bandwidth

Accuweb Hosting has Bandwidth limit on every plan under windows hosting. Many web hosting companies in the market which are giving unlimited Bandwidth data with their plans.

Keep in mind that you will find the bandwidth limit on lowest plans from other companies as well. This is not a big lack point because you will get enough bandwidth limit if your website having less traffic.

But the only point is that it is not unlimited.

2. Monthly plan not Available for Shared web hosting

Accuwebhosting don’t offer monthly plan structure for shared hosting plans. You will need to pay minimum 6 months amount to start website hosting.

This is the point which is not okay because sometime we need monthly plans but you will not find this option here.

3. No prorated refund policy

Accu web hosting doesn’t provide the prorated refund its services. You will have only refund option only for 30 days of only shared hosting plan.

4. No Promotional discount for New Users

Here you will not get any promotional discount for new users. It means you will need to pay the price same as regular price. This is actually not a lacking point because when other companies give promotion like this then you have to pay high renewable charges.

But due to this new user have no option to save money from this promotion.

Note: There are many positive points as well for using this hosting. Every company have its own terms and conditions. So, you can choose this web hosting if this is perfect for you.

Different types of Web Hosting Plans

This hosting provider is offering different types of web hosting plans for every type of websites like Shared web hosting, VPS servers, Cloud hosting and Reseller plans etc.

1. Shared web hosting
Shared web hosting
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Shared hosting plan is one of the lowest and cheapest plans available on the accuweb hosting. There are different features available with these plans like SSD storage, Bandwidth and many others.

These types of web hosting are very cheap because your server will be distributed with many other website owners. It means your server whole cost will be distributes with others and in result cost will also be distributed.

There are some limitations or issues that your website will face like if any website gets a malware attack on your server then your website might get hurt as well. 

On the other hand if your any roommate website got huge unexpected traffic then your website speed will get hurt or this could lead your site to offline mode.

You will find many types of shared hosting plans like Linux based hosting, windows plans and even reseller shared hosting plans.

Price of every type of hosting will be different like Linux based hosting plans starts from $3.09 per month if you buy 3 years plan in single purchase. Features will be unlimited sites hosting in single account, 10 GB of SSD storage, 500 GB bandwidth monthly, Cpanel, Free site migration and Free SSL certificate.

All plans having higher capacity from all above feature. Like if you go for higher priced plan then features will also increase.

Windows shared hosting plan if you buy this plan then it would cost you around $3.52 per month if you buy 3 year plan. Features will be 1 site in one account, 10 GB of SSD storage, 500 GB bandwidth per month, 150 email accounts per domain, daily website backup and free SSL certificate.

You will have option to go for higher windows hosting plans then you will definitely find more features according to your requirement.

Note: You will not get monthly billing on any shared plan.

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2. VPS Server Plans
Accuwebhosting vps server
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VPS (virtual private server) which is secure and fast server then shared hosting. These types of hosting plans are required for those websites. Where traffic is huge and need secure system to handle malware attacks.

In VPS server you will get totally different space on internet and your website will never face any issue due to any other sites.

You will get the root access of your hosting server. Your hosting will include different types of features like SSD storage, more bandwidth, and weekly & daily site backup facility and Dedicated IP option.

With windows VPS hosting plans you will get different types of features on the basis of your hosting plan price.

Features included with Linux plan are

>> Your account will get RAM upto 1 GB to give fast speed to your hosted websites.

>> Unlimited domains options

>> 150 GB Bandwidth every month

>> 1 Dedicated IP included in plan

There are many other features included in your hosting plan. You can go and check there plans here.

Windows VPS hosting Plans

windows vps hosting

These plans come at higher cost than shared plans and Linux VPS plans. There are different types of features included like 40-640 GB SAN Storage, 1-7 TB of Bandwidth per month, Dedicated IP and daily & weekly backup facility.

Note: These all above features are included in their lowest plan if you want more features then you will need a high amount plans.

3. Dedicated Web Hosting
dedicated web hosting

If you purchased a dedicated web hosting plan then you will get more and advanced features then VPS and shared hosting servers. Dedicated server hosted websites get fast speed then above given plans.

In this you will get a complete management of entire server where you can host your websites according to your requirements.  For example It is like you have ownership of a complete building and you can use every apartment of that building without anyone else permission.

These type of servers are very costly compared to other plans. Accuwebhosting have distributed these plans into 5 different categories which are mentioned below.

Its dedicated servers are starting from $80 per month which is most affordable plan. This plan will be included different feature options like 8 GB of RAM, 1TB Storage capacity and 20 TB data for Bandwidth.

Note: If your requirement is high then you can go for their higher dedicated plans.

4. WordPress Web hosting
accuwebhosting wordpress

Having a WordPress website then you have a option to get a WordPress hosting available at affordable price. On this type of hosting WordPress will be preinstalled. It means you don’t have to worry about installing the WordPress Manually.

There are different types of plans available in WordPress hosting like WordPress Personal, Business and Enterprise. Every plan has advanced features then others and have price according to their included features.

With its starting plan you have option to host unlimited websites in a single server, 10 GB of SSD storage space, 500 GB monthly bandwidth and Free SSL certificate and WordPress site migration. You can check all other plans as well if these features are not enough for your requirement.

5. Cloud Hosting
accuweb hosting cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a new and advanced hosting server on the internet. These plans also cost you high amount but their speed and service is very good.

 They are very popular due to their advantages like you website data will be updated to the servers all around the world and anyhow one of your server shutdown then your data will be loaded from another server. In this way your website will not go down and your will not lose your traffic.

It comes in 2 types of cloud hosting servers which are windows cloud hosting server and another one is Linux server.

Accuwebhosting provides many features in its linux cloud web hosting plan like unlimited website host, cloud storage upto 10 GB, 500 GB Bandwidth per month and Free SSL etc. If you will go for 3 year hosting pack then it will cost you $4.79 per month.

Linus plan has 3 sub type of hosting plans like personal website, small business website and enterprise website plan.

Windows Cloud Hosting

These plans are little bit costly than Linux hosting plans. Its lowest plan starts from $5.09 per month if you buy 3 year plan in advance.

In lowest plan of cloud hosting you get 3 GB of cloud storage, one website in one cloud, 500 GB Bandwidth monthly and an easy to use Cpanel etc. This hosting has 3 types which are Cumulus Cloud, Stratus Cloud and Cirrus Cloud.

6. Reseller Web Hosting
reseller hosting plans accu web

Reseller web hosting provides an option in which you can rent the hosting from company and resell it to your clients.

Its starting plan have option like no limit on email account, 10 GB of storage and transfer data limit will be 100 GB. Else you will get 24*7 support from team as well.

What is Accu Web Affiliate Program

accuwebhosting review affiliate

Accuwebhosting also offer to join its affiliate program to advertise its services to customer and earn your commission.

You can earn Upto $200 per referral but don’t be so happy because it is not that easy task for beginners.

They have different pricing table for each and every referral commission. Check the table below.

affiliate prices


There is no doubt Accuwebhosting is one of the best hosting company. There are few drawback of this company but you can see its positive points are more than it’s negative points like High UPTIME, professional customer support and many more. You can give a change to this hosting for your next website. If still want to research other hosting companies then you can check our top 10 web hosting companies in India.

If you have still any question or you need analysis of any other web hosting review you can comment below. Thank you and Take Care.


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