Best Google Adsense Alternatives for small websites in India 2020-21

adsense alternatives in india

Google Adsense is best way to make money in India. But due to Google Adsense strict guidelines and policies many websites face suspended. There are many Google adsense alternatives for small websites in India.

What is Google Adsense Program?

Google adsense is a platform where you submit a website and once it approve then you can put Google adwords ads on your blog or website.

Google adsense is one of the biggest platform for monitization. You can monitize your blog ad then you can earn money by putting ads on your blog.

As you know that there are many advertisers in the market. Who wants to reach to audience. So, Google Adsense provides a platform advertisers advertise and for publisher to earn money from it.

Why we need Google Adsense Alternatives for small websites in India?

Why you need Google AdSense Alternatives

Many small websites don’t have Adsense approval or they are trying hard to get approval but somehow they got rejected by Google  AdSense team in India, So they need other alternatives to earn money.

You should know that although Google adsense is best to make money but there are many strict guidelines and policies so we need its alternatives.

We have researched top 10 google adsense alternatives for small websites in India. Many websites owners have not google Adsense account.

So, they try hard but not able to earn money from it and leave blogging and start 9 to 5 jobs again. Other reason to use alternatives is that if Suspended accounts are more difficult to reactivate or make new account from same name.

Once you know how to make money from blogging or from internet then it is going to be very difficult to do your 9 to 5 jobs again.

In this kind of situation you must find the Google Adsense Alternatives in India or worldwide. We all know Google Adsense is old and most trusted platform for making money. Although they have strict guidelines but they are transparent and reliable ad network for publisher.

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Important points for Google AdSense Alternatives?

There are many reasons to choose Google AdSense alternatives in India. You can find all the details below.

  1. Eligibility Requirements

There are many websites who don’t have traffic or any other reason. So, if they apply for Google AdSense approval then they got rejected due to eligibility requirements.

Sometimes you got Invalid clicks on adsense ads then your account may get suspended. You must know it is going to be very hard to reactivate these account on Adsense.

2. Revenue Share

Every Publisher gets around 68% of ad revenue from ads click. This is not bad commission rate but there many platforms which offer high commission rates.

3. Minimum Payout

Another reason to choose best Google adsense alternatives is minimum payout requirements. Google only transfer amount if you have earned $100 but there are other major platform have requirement of $10 or $5.

New websites face competition to get paid because if they need payout then you have earn at least $100 in account.

4. Additional Revenue Sources

If you want Google Adsense approval even then there many platforms which are compatible with Adsense. You can try both together for Additional revenue from your Ads.

What are best Google Adsense Alternatives?

best Google Adsense Alternatives

We have picked top 10 Google adsense alternatives for you. You can check the review of best Google AdSense Alternatives and decide for you.


media net adsense alternatives in india is one of best google adsense alternative for small websites. They don’t have strict guidelines as like Adsense.

This is a hub of contextual ads. You will find different types of display ads and native ads for different screens. If you have traffic on your website then you can earn same like Google adsense, it is one of best alternative for Adsense.

You will find many types of Ads like Display Ads, Contextual Ads and Native ads etc. There are different types of requirement to get approval.

1. Your website must have quality content.
2. Design should be professional
3. Your Traffic will also play a major role because they need mostly users o n your website from US, UK and Canada.

They do payment on monthly basis with a minimum payout of $100 via Paypal

2. PropellerAds
propellerads adsense alternatives in india

Propeller Ads platform is growing fast and giving a tough competition to Google Adsense as an alternative option. You can monetize your blog and earn money from this platform.

They have different types of ads on their platform like Push Notifications, ONclick Ads, In-Page push ads, Native Interstitials ads for different ad formats for Mobile and PC.

They have around 150K publishers and one of the best part is although this is Google adsense alternative but if you have approval even then they are compatible with your Adsense account.

This company was founded in 2011 and now it is one of fastest growing ads publishing network.

Best part to use this website is there is no minimum requirement for approval. Account will be activated after your account creation. There are 32K active advertiser on this platform. If you have $5 in your account then it will be transfer to your bank account on payment day. So the minimum payout amount I very less as compared to others.

3. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser was founded in 2003, They have a huge trusted advertiser on their platform. They follow the bidding process to sell the ads on other website. We will understand this from an example.

For Example: You have a huge traffic on your website and well popular in Market then a advertiser will bid on your website with high rate but on the other hand if you are not so popular than it will be a huge loss for you.

There a referral program also like if you send traffic on their platform as a publisher or advertiser than you will get commission as well.

You will find different types of ads on their platform like Native Ads, Push Notifications, Direct Navigation, Pop under ads etc. This platform is also best alternatives for Google adsense in India for small websites as well.

Minimum payout for this website is $10 and they make payments every month to publishers. There are basic requirements to signu on this website like quality content and non-pornographic website etc.

4. Revcontent
revcontent adsense alternatives in india

If you are looking for native ads then RevContent is best and suitable Google Adsense Alternatives in India. You will find different types on ads like Mobile ads, Display Ads and Videos ads.

There have some guidelines to get their monetization approval that you website must have 50000 monthly visitor. You also need to publish the quality content on website regularly.

If you don’t meet their guidelines then your application may get rejected by their team. They have these guidelines because they want only genuine publishers on the platform. So, that Advertisers should get results for their spends.

If your Google adsense account is not working or suspended then you should choose Revcontent as a alternatives. They pay the amount on monthly basis and minimum payout is  $50.

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5. Infolinks

Info links was founded in 2007 and now they have 100000 direct website publishers on their platform. With their technology their software crawl your website and put relevant ads according to your blog article.

They have different types of ads like InFold, In Screens ads, In Text ads, In Tag, Inframe ads and in Article ads etc. This one of the best alternatives to Google adsense because they have ZERO setup fee and having zero page views requirements.

They have powerful dashboard to analyse your performance and make reports on performance basis.

You will need to have minimum $50 in your for payout from Western Union, and Payoneer. You will be get your Payout after every 45 days.

6. Adcash

AdCash having a popularity among the publishers, which you can know by their users base.

It is serving globally more than 200 million users with 850 K active app installs. They also provide different types of ads format like pop-under, in-stream video ads, PUSH NOTIFICATIONS and many more.

From your Admin dashboard you can analyse your performance and check real time reports. You only need $25 in your AdCash account then you are eligible for payout via  PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and WebMoney.

7. Amazon Native Shopping Ads
Amazon Native Shopping Ads

We have Amazon world largest eCommerce company in our list. You will be amazed to know about their display ads platform. From this program will allow you to put product listing on your blog pages through ads.

Also these ads are targeted from your blog pages content. There is also a benefit from these ads like if someone will click on these ads then he or she will definatly going to buy that product. Because of high trust and reputation of Amazon worldwide in ecommerce market.

This program is also a best alternative to the Google AdSense program.  Once someone buys from your blog ad then you will get commission.

Your payment cysle will be of 60 days means after every 60 days you will get your commission. Their minimum Payout required amount is $10.

8. RevenueHits

If your website having a low traffic even then you can start earning from this website. This is best Google Adsense alternatives for small websites in India.

You will not earn money from this website based on clicks. Your traffic needs to buy something or subscribe services given by advertiser. Only then you can get money from this program.

There advanced ad optimization tool analyse your website ads performance and on based of data it place ads on your website for better conversion.

They will give you payout cycle of 30 days via Paypal and their minimum payout requirement is $20.

9. BuySell Ads

There are some requirements to get on-board on this platform. If your website have 100000 page views per month. Only then you are eligible to join this program. Other condition is that content should be in English language.

You will be surprised to know that you can earn 75% commission from this website. Which make it best alternatives of Google adsense in india and worldwide. Google Adsense provide 62% of commission for every click.

There are different categories for ads like banners, text ads, native ads, RSS feed ads, email ads, and many more.

You should check these best Google Adsense alternatives to earn money from your blog.

10. Skimlinks

Want to earn money from Ads as well as commission from affiliate marketing then this platform is for you. Their advanced tool scan your web content and if any link is related to their partner then it will automatically convert it to affiliate link.

They will give you 75% of every click you receive on your ad. If you are not happy with display ads and want a clean website with only text ads then you can join this program today.

Payment cycle is very high as 90 days for every single payout. But minimum payout requirement is only $10. It means if you have earn $10 then these will transfer in your account.

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Conclusion: There is no Doubt Google AdSense is most trusted platform worldwide for monetization. But due to their strict guidelines and policies every blogger wants a additional way for earning. These all above given platforms are best alternatives of Google AdSense in India and worldwide.

You should check their reviews and terms and conditions before joining their platform because there can be change in policies anytime in future.

 Instead of using one advertising program. I would recommend you to use 2-3 programs on site but increase it. You will get a better idea which platform is giving you best earning.

I hope you have got your best alternatives of Google adsense for your small or big websites in India. Take care and Happy Earning

If you have any question or doubts then you can freely comment below. And if you are fully satisfied with this post then you can share it with your family and friends.


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