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Captcha entry work is one the best way to earn $1000 per month. When you do Captcha Entry work Jobs for companies like Captcha Club, Captcha2, MegaTyper, Captcha Typer, Kolotibablo. There are many other sites from where you can earn daily payment without investment working as online Catcha entry work jobs. You will learn how to make an account or register or login on captcha club and other captcha entry work sites. We will also review the captcha club and other websites.

We have researched many Captcha websites and based on their reviews, we are sharing the details of Captcha entry jobs on sites such as Captcha Club, Captcha2, MegaTyper, Kolotibablo.

You can check these website and start working with them and see which website is suitable for you. You can compare the websites to see from which site you can earn more profits.

So you want to know, what is Online CAPTCHA Work Jobs and How to earn from this?

You must have Basic knowledge of Internet then you should have Social account as well like FB and Gmail. If you are reading my post on this website then you know how to use the internet.

So if you have above mentioned social accounts or any other online account then you must have experienced the Captcha. Websites or Social media sites use this verification to protect themselves from Bots or automated software. You can say this is Human Verification. I have shown 2 different Captcha entry work examples to make you better understand.


In today’s time there are many startup and companies, who want to register themselves in large quantity on thousands or many websites. These companies can make an automatic program or software to register on the websites but still there is not technology which can solve the CAPTCHA without Human Intervention. Software can’t think like Humans. They only work on Commands given by Programmers.

So these companies need Humans to solve the captcha work

When this software makes accounts on websites, then they come across CAPTCHA as we know Software can’t solve the CAPTCHA. So, they send the CAPTCHA image to the Solver. You need to put the exact CAPTCHA in a short time as same as provided in the image. Also, you should have good accuracy to solve these images

So by doing this work work, you can earn money from these online jobs from home without investment with daily payment system.

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CAPTCHA work is the best online data entry jobs from home

You will find many websites for CAPTCHA Solver but we have researched the top 8 websites. Where you can Sign up and earn more than $1000 by working from Home jobs as CAPTCHA Solver. Where you can earn $0.5 to $2 for every 1000 CAPTCHA you solved.

Top 8 websites for Work from home as CAPTCHA Entry Jobs.

There are many people, who have worked on these websites & earn extra Income by Work from home Jobs.

So you can also earn from these work from home jobs without investment.

If you want to work from home and make extra money from these websites then check below these 8 websites and join them to make extra income. 

1. Mega Typers

This website is known as one of the best website to work from home jobs. Where you can earn from $0.45 to $1.5 for every 1000 word images typed. Many data entry workers earn u to $250 PM/- from this site.

There are some ways by which you will get paid from this website as Paypal, WebMoney, Payza, Western Union

You will need to enter the Invitation code: FF50

This code is required to register on this website.

Signup Megatypers here

2. ProTypers

If you want to earn as high as $200 every Month then this website is for you. They want typers candidates from all over the world. Everyone around the world can join this website and earn extra income. Their rates also start from $0.45 to $1.15 per 1000 words typed

You will need to enter the Invitation code: FF50

This code is required to register on this website.

Join ProTypers here

3. Captcha work by Kolotibablo

This website is providing Online Jobs from home from the last 5 plus years. Even people who work here also receive the payment on time. You can get $1 or more per 1000 as a captcha solver.

They also use a rating system to pay High amounts to their more deserve & efficient candidates. So it means if you will work hard, Faster, and Accurate then they will pay you higher from other members. You may find the competition here in the beginning to make money. You can find a profitable position by working faster and accurately on this website.

Join Kolotibablo website

4. FastTypers

This is one of best website which appreciates and encourages their great members. They also pay them up to $1.5 for 1000 words captchas. You can earn higher rates of solving captchas during the night time from 12 AM to 5 AM.

You can find more details and stay up to date from Fasttypers blog.

Signup FastTypers Here.

5. 2Captcha

From this website you can get some bonus for solving the complicated captchas and also you can earn $1 for solving the captchas. There average response time is less than 12 Sec. So, you will need to be fast as you can.

And also earn $2.99 per Recaptchas. You can get paid through Payza, if you reach $1 as earning. You easily signup on the website and start earning.

Register at 2Captchas here

6. QlinkGroup

This website is giving captchas for 2 words to solve and these are case sensitive. Member of this website can get payment as per weekly basis. On this website candidate have to solve 800 CAPTCHAS per week and per ID to receive the payment on weekly basis.

Join QlinkGroup

7. CaptchaTypers

This website is little bit different form other website. As many typers all around the globe work with this website. If you want to earn more than $200 with captcha work. Then you will need to send an email to the team at and they will send you the Login details on your email at No Cost means totally free.

If you are run out of time or not fast enough to solve the captcha then it can cause your ID banned for next 30 min. Even their rates are also different as per time. You receive best and maximum rates from 9 PM to 9 AM. To start working with CaptchaTypers, you will need to download their latest software.

Check the CaptchaTypers here.

8. PixProfits

This is best website for online captcha solving jobs because this website pays the higher rate for solving the 1000 Captcha. But sadly new registrations are closed on this website. But you should visit their website regularly to check whether there new registrations open or not.

Check this website

9. VirtualBee

We have researched this amazing website, Here you can find the Captcha jobs and other types of online data entry jobs. You can register yourself as keyer and then choose the jobs according to your interest.

If you choose captcha entry jobs then you can earn from $0.4 to $0.8 as per your speed and accuracy.

Join Virtual Bee Here

10. Captcha Club

After a lot of research i found that many people are searching on the internet about captcha club website. People have many doubts regarding Captcha Club like is it a scam website or not Genuine. First of all i don’t have account on this website. So, you can do more research before register on Captcha club website. As like other website you can register your account & login at captcha club.

When you will click on this website then you will see a red screen, which shows that it is a scam website or harmful. As I said I don’t have account at Captcha club as per my review and research you should check other websites for earning.

Before registering on these website and start work on Captcha websites. There are few points which you all need to consider.

If you think Captcha work is big work where you can make big amounts. This is like a labor job & even if you work here you can earn money less. Because if you work 4 Hours in a day only then you can make $100 to $300 PM if you calculate in INR then it would be (Rs. 7000 to 21000).

If you want to earn more than check other jobs option here if you want to earn good income by using internet.

  1. There are few captcha work websites may ask you to download their software. Then you will need to solve the CAPTCHA after logged in to this software.
  2. You should have an account on the PAYPAL or other websites to receive the payment from these websites.
  3. Check all websites and also check their reviews about working time and payment facilities like which website pay on time & where you can make a big amount in a less or a short time.

You can search for captcha solving jobs at many Freelancing websites like freelancer, Upwork. There are many companies that publish jobs these websites on a regular basis.

We hope this article will help housewives, Students and also others who want part-time jobs or work from home jobs to earn approx. $100-$300 per month as captcha work solver.


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