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cloudways review

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About: As we can understand this company by its name that it provide the cloud based hosting services to its clients. Now days cloud hosting is getting more popularity due its performance and other features. Cloudways is providing best cloud based hosting service platforms within affordable pricing and better functionality. Due to it best service customers have given positive review for cloudways hosting. You simply need to buy cloudways hosting plans after your account login and start making your website without any risk even you can earn from this platform with its affiliate program.

Best part is that you can select your hosting plan from different hosting companies on this platform this option you will not find in any other hosting provider.  

You will find many useful features from this provider like Pay as You Go, this feature is very fantastic because it gives you power that you will not get charged for those services which you haven’t used.

Other features are like Free site migration, 24*7*365 days professional support team for your help, Free SSL certificate included in plan and no limit on hosting application on any plan.

This is platform is most secured for hosted websites and it is also optimised to improve the website speed and performance.

If you want to take a trial period then cloudways give 3 day trial period to test their platform. Then after trial ends you can opt in for Pay as You Go offer.

So if you want to host your website at cloud servers then cloudways is best for you.

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PROS of using this Web Host

cloudways features review
1. Easy Setup

If you choose any other webhost for your site then you will need to spend your money from your bank but here you can opt for 3 days free trial.

You can simply create a account or login to your existing cloudways account and then choose any platform for your new website like WordPress, Magento or Joomla etc. There are different types of platform you will find inside your account.

You have multiple options to choose a web serve from different provider under one roof like Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, Linode and Vultr etc. There different server locations are available by these provider.

2. Excellent UPTIME

UPTIME plays most important factor while choosing any web host because the Higher UPTIME means website is accessible by users. If your Down time is high then it will affect your revenue from website. Because during this time your website is not accessible. But cloudways offer Great uptime.

It is providing services from well-known providers one of them is Amazon AWS server. We can see that your site uptime will be high compared to other hosting providers.

3. Excellent Customer Support

As I have earlier told you that you will find 24*7 professional customer support. You can’t directly call them but you can request a call back by filling a simple form. Even there is an option to schedule a Skype call.

If you want a quick response without waiting for their call then you have option for live web chat within few seconds or minutes one of representative will join you.

These support member are well educated and knowledgeable. They will provide you perfect answer for your question.

4. Host Unlimited Apps

Cloudways offers you to host unlimited apps on your hosting account which give a best offer from other hosting provider. Because they offer single website host in starting plans.

 You will not face any kind of restriction or any limitation if you host application more than one on any plan.

5. Pay as You Go Option

You will find this option on this hosting platform it means you will not get charged for those services which are not in use during the month. This option makes it an affordable hosting provider.

Another best feature here is you can also go for hourly basis hosting. You don’t need to pay for full month cost you need to pay for how many hours you have used the hosting.

6. Free Trial Option

If you want to test this platform features without paying anything to provider then cloudways come with a solution that you can option for their 3 days free trial period. You will not have to pay even a single penny to provider and you can use its full services.

Best part of this option is you don’t even need to add your card details to start your trial.

7. Cloud Hosting Plans

We know that cloud hosting is getting more popularity day by day. It provide pay as you go option for cloud hosting plans. Let’s take an example here.

If you buy a hosting plan for your business and you used only 20 days not 30 days then you will be charged for 20 days but if you check other provider they will charge you full month even if you haven’t used it a single day. (Already mentioned above in point 5)

Pricing for these Hosting Plans?

The lowest cloud hosting plan is available at $10 per month. I have already mention above that you will have option to choose your hosting from 5 different providers. So, their pricing is different from each other.

There are different types of features available in this plan like 1GB RAM, 1TB of bandwidth, Free SSL certificate, site migration and many more.

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Cons of using this Hosting Provider

There are few cons for using this provider for your website. All the points are mentioned below.

1. Domain Registration not Available

You will not find any option to book a domain from this website. Which is very big lacking point for this provider.

So, if you have to purchase a domain then you can simply go to Godaddy or names cheap for registration.

Another challenge you might face to connect your domain with your hosting account. Which may be not that big issue for you if you see their documentation but this documentation process may be a challenge for those who are beginners.

2. Emails available as paid Addons

This provider does not provide any electronic mail with its any account. You can take Rackspace Email Add-on but this will cost you. If you see other hosting providers then they provide at least one email account with their plans.

One more thing to keep in mind that if you don’t any active hosting server in your account then you will not be able to buy this addon.

3. Short Trial Period

There is no doubt that cloudways provide trial period for its users but this period is very low. If someone wants to test this provider then he should have some more time.

You can only ask refund for those services which are unused by you. Consumed services refund is not available as per their terms and conditions.

Note: These are few drawbacks for this services provider but as we can see there are many positive points as well and customers have given positive review to cloudways hosting. So you should give one chance to this provider.

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What are different types of Hosting cloudways Plans & their pricing

Cloudways provide 5 types of hosting server you can select any server for your account. Pricing are different for every server. Let’s discuss their server pricing plans below.

1. Digital Ocean
Digital ocean cloud plans pricing - cloudways

Digital Oceans is a hosting server which you can choose after creating and login your cloudways account. It offers different 4 types of hosting plans, all plans having different pricing.

Lowest plan starts at $10 per month. This plan includes various features like 1GB of RAM, 25GB of storage, 1TB of Bandwidth, Free SSL, Automated Backups and 24*7 Professional customer support.

All other plans also having same feature but limit of every feature will increase. If in case you need off side backup’s storage facility then you will have to pay $0.033 per GB.

It has it data servers in many countries like Singapore, London, Toronto, Bangalore and many others.

2. Linode server
linode server

Linode server having its vast data servers in different countries such as Newark, Fremont, Dallas, Atlanta, London, Mumbai and others. You will get many features in this web server and its pricing starts from $12 per month.

You will different types of features included in this server are 1GB RAM, 25GB Storage facility, 1TB of Bandwidth, Free SSL included in plan, Dedicated Firewalls, Regular Security Patching and many more.

If you need any additional backup facility then you need to pay $0.033/GB.

3. VULTR Server
Vultr server

This is another server which you can choose if want to host your website. Here, you will get some features included with its plan. You will find two different type of hosting plans like Standard and High Frequency.

Both plans having different pricing table with different features.

Standard Plan start with the pricing of $ 11 per month. There are different types of feature included such as 1GB RAM, 25GB Storage capacity, 1TB Bandwidth, Unlimited Application Installation, Free SSL and Free site migration. There are many more features available which you can look here.

High Frequency plan this plan starts at $ 13 per month. In this plan feature would be same but there will be higher limit of usage. Included features will be 1GB of RAM, 32 GB storage capacity, Free SSL certificate, Free website migration, Auto Healing and many more.

You will find its server all around the worldwide countries like USA – Atlanta, USA – Chicago, USA – Dallas, USA – Los Angeles, USA – Miami, Asia – Singapore, Europe – Amsterdam, Asia – Tokyo, UK – London and others.

You can choose hourly based billing plan as well. (Available for all servers)

4. Amazon AWS Server
amazon AWS server

Amazon AWS server is well known in the market. So, Amazon itself a big brand in ecommerce market. Due to its brand value you will find the prices little high than other servers.

Its lowest priced plan comes at $36.51 per month. You can see the price is almost 2 times higher than other servers.

Let’s have a look at features included in the plan.

There are different features included here like 1.75GB RAM, 1 vCPU, Storage capacity of 20GB, 2GB Bandwidth data, 24*7 professional support team, Free SSL certificate, CDN Addon,  Regular Security Patching and many other features.

As we can see that AWS is giving very less data than other above providers. Their data centres are available worldwide like USA – Northern Virginia, USA – Northern California, USA – Oregon, Europe – Ireland, Europe – Frankfurt, Asia – Singapore, Australia – Sydney, Asia – Tokyo, Asia – Seoul and many more.

5. Google Cloud
Google cloud server

So you must have visited on Google search infect you are reading this article by searching on Google. There are many platforms are provided by Google such as Maps, Search engine, Gmail and many more. Google also provide the Cloud hosting services but the pricing of these hosting is very costly then all mentioned above servers.

Its minimum amount plan starts at $33.63 per month. There are many features which you will get in your plan are 1.70GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 20GB Storage capacity, 2 GB Bandwidth data, Free SSL included in plan, Free site migration, Unlimited application install option and many more.

So we know that Google is well known company in the market. So, it has many data servers located on different part of world such as USA, ASIA, EUROPE and CANADA.

There are few points which you need to take care are..

  1. You can’t take trial for his server. It means you will directly get charged before starting of your service.
  2. $0.33 will be charged if you want off site backup storage.

How to get stated with Cloudways after login to account.

First of all you need to make an account on the cloudways and enter your credentials to login. Then after login to your Cloudways account you need to select the server which you want to use.

You can select the server according to your budget.

What is Cloudways Affiliate Program?

cloudways affiliate program

Cloudways offer affiliate system to get business by paying commission to bloggers or any other person. Generally you will find one type of affiliate program but cloudways offer two types of plans such as SLAB and HYBRID.

Under SLAB plan you will get direct and fast commission like if someone buy hosting plan with your affiliate link then you will directly get commission. Commission will depend on your performance the more sale then earn more commission.

In HYBRID plan things are little bit different like if you choose a hybrid plan then you will not get full direct commission because you will receive commission every month. Here you can earn $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commission.

Why to join Cloudways affiliate Program?

If you have a subscriber base or having a platform where people come to check your content or ask your help then you can recommend them to buy hosting from your affiliate link. In this way you can earn massive income by suggesting them best hosting service.

There are few other reasons to join this program
  1. Your link will get 90 days of cookie life
  2. Your customer will have 5 hosting server option to choose (this will increase the chances of sale)
  3. 24*7 expert support
  4. If you have $250 Dollar in your account then you can transfer them to your account via Paypal

Joining affiliate is not mandatory but if you want to earn income from cloudways then you can have a look.


As we have discussed above article Cloudways have many features and customer have given positive review. So, as per customer review for cloudways support system is great, they provide 5 option to choose your web host server and many other features.

In short Cloudways is one of the best hosting provider which you can use for your website. If you want to check Top 10 web hosting companies in India then read our article.

This is our analysis and review for Cloudways Company if you ever used this company then comment box is open for everyone.

You can leave your experience below. Thank you and Take care.


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