Post Classified ads on top 28 free ad posting sites in India

free ad posting sites in india

Whenever you think to do the SEO of any website then we need create the backlinks from another website. So there are different types to make the backlinks but today we will talk about Classified ads. There are some websites, which allows you to submit your ad without registration to post your ads on these free ad posting sites in India. Through these ads you can get traffic as well backlinks. There are 28 quality free ad posting sites in India.

 On these quality websites millions of user visit every month in search of Products and Services. It means if you put you ads to these sites then you will get traffic as well ranking in SEO.

Do you know that few popular and large ad posting sites are from India. So today we are going to review every free ad posting sites in India.

What are classified?

There are many popular classified ad websites, where people wish to go and buy products or services. For more awareness people advertise on these free classified ad posting sites in India for more sale.

Why people advertise on classified websites?

The reason is simple that these websites don’t charge for ads and your ads reach to million peoples with any cost.

If you want to sell your products without spending the ads budget then you should visit these free ad posting sites in India.

I am totally sure that you will get good amount for your products or services and your product will be sold quickly.

These websites are not only best for manufacturer or sellers. Even if you are a consumer then these websites are very useful for you as well. For examples if you are a student and you need one product but the price is very much high then you can bargain with seller and get the product or service in budget.

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Post classified ads on these popular 28 free websites in India

If you will research on the internet, you will find many websites. But every website is not a genuine or you can say you will get benefit from them. You will find Countless free classified websites list for ad posting in India.

So these websites are used by its user from all over India due to their huge user data and traffic. Some of websites also charge little amount to advertise more than one product.

You can advertise on after choosing them according to your interest base. Which sites are more compatible to sell or purchase products or services? You can choose them from this list of websites. I have shared detailed list for these website.

1. Sulekha

If you will research for this website then you will find that it user data base is around 200 Million. It means that around 200 million user visit this website every year. In my research I found that approx. 20 million people purchase products from this Indian website. Approximate more that 3 million of business registered with Sulekha. Who listed more than 1000 products or services on this website.

You can see they have huge database and traffic for these businesses.

An individual can advertise on Sulekha for free.  So if you have business which provide services like electronics, home appliances and PG & many more then this website is perfect for you.

You should know that this website also give services to few cities in United states.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking: 4,758

Ranking in India: 454

Check more details here

2. OLX

OLX is also an most popular classified ad posting site in India.

For pre-owned automobiles and phones is one of the best classified website in India.  This brand owns by one of popular business group named eponymous business group located in Netherlands.

According to some report in year 2017-18 it revenue shows a growth of around 94% from last financial year which was 2016-17.

On OLX, used car market rule with around 70% of used cars in India. Many people earn money by selling their used cars on OLX website.

It also have huge user database around 10 Million active users. They visit this classified website to sell or buy cars. Around 14 million phones and accessories were listed on this website.

As I said this website has huge user data, According to report we saw that in 2018 year approx. 20 million users were researching the pre-owned phone.

Beside these products and services, OLX also provide services like Accommodation service, real estate’s etc. You can check on their website.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking: 1755

Ranking in India: 134

Check full analysis report here.

3. is on 3rd number under 28 free ad posting sites in India. In 2017-2018 the revenue of this company was around 1.7 B. This website revenue also increase by 95% from past year.

As a user you can post your classified ads on various categories.

Traffic on this website is huge, which is around 30 million users per month visit this website. Its members advertise on different categories like automobiles, jobs and many more. As per some news its 45% of total revenue come from ads. And other 55% revenue comes from other type of transactions on this website.

This company is now adding some new services for its users to increase their revenue. value is around $16 billion dollars. You can place your classified ads on this website.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking: 3498

Ranking in India: 271

Check full analysis report here.

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Many of you know the above 3 websites because they are very popular classified ads websites in India. is not much popular for us but you should know that on this website you can advertise your products to the foreign people or people from India who are living abroad.

It is giving its services to around 197 countries and 500+ cities worldwide. So this website also recorded 2.5 million people visit worldwide.

As like other websites you can advertise your products or service on several categories like Accommodation, Products etc.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking: 15987

Ranking in India: 7433

Check full analysis report here

5. Locanto

Locanto owned by a German IT Solution company named Yalwa. This classified ad website provide services in approx. 70 countries worldwide. This is one of the popular free ad posting sites in India.

You will find the various services on this website like accommodation, automobiles & real estate etc.

You can buy its premium subscription at 99 PM. Various business are on this website like real estate, used vehicles and much more.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking: 20406

Ranking in India: 2921

Check full analysis report here


This is one of the amazing and one of top 10 free ad posting sites in India. It gives access to its advertiser to put ads in Hindi, English Language. With this feature ads can be reached to large number of audience.

This classified ads website in india provides two option for membership. 1st one is Individual and 2nd one is businesses membership.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking: 19626

Ranking in India: 1487

Check full analysis report here


This website is an international based classified ad website. Its services are available in around 20 countries worldwide as well in India. You can advertise your product or services to Indian people as well foreign buyer.

You should aware that this website has a dating section. So you should be extra careful from dating ads, Because no one know about these profiles. This could lead you to blackmailing as well. So be careful before going to these section.

You can adopt pets from this website. You will find a various listing for animals like dogs and cats and many more.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking: 20558

Ranking in India: 2416

Check full analysis report here

8.  Craigslist India

You must have known to this free ad posting site in India. This is one of largest ad posting website worldwide. On this website you will find the large categories for products and services. This website is a newer in the ads market but now it is gaining huge market share day by day in India.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking: 187

Ranking in India: 616

Check full analysis report here

9. Expatriates

This is one of the known website in the world as free classified ads posting website. As you can post free ads to this website to gain more sale. You can make your ID on this website and you can start you advertising.

If you want to target a product to a country then this website allow you to do this. You should use this website for your classified ads.

For example: if one business want to show their ad in USA then they can target to that country.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  6518

Ranking in India: 740

Check full analysis report here

10. Ads Globe

Another International free ad posting website including in India. It give services to around 150 countries in the world.

It gives many options to its user like B2B, C2C and B2C selling option. They give option to its members to post free ads on their website.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  50887

Ranking in India: 6799

Check full analysis report here

Above given is free ad posting sites in India. This can give your business a huge boost in sales and awareness.

But As I mention in Title that there are 28 popular classified ad sites in India. You will find the remaining names list below.

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11. Tuff Classified

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  42523

Ranking in India: 6250

Check full analysis report here

12. Muamat

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  45152

Ranking in India: 5327

Check full analysis report here

13. Adeex

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  24,933

Ranking in India: 2,389

Check full analysis report here

14. Ind Ads

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  24,404

Ranking in India: 2,249

Check full analysis report here

15. Classifieds 4 Me

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  19,025

Ranking in India: 1,962

Check full analysis report here

16. Facebook

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  4

Ranking in India: 4

Check full analysis report here


Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  203,462

Ranking in India: 32,533

Check full analysis report here


Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  16,401

Ranking in India: 2,325

Check full analysis report here


Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  29,022

Ranking in India: 3,547

Check full analysis report here

20. Xookr

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  359,761

Ranking in India: 44,357

Check full analysis report here


Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  91,415

Ranking in India: 11,308

Check full analysis report here


Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  230,213

Ranking in India: 58,158

Check full analysis report here


Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  117,962

Ranking in India: 19,036

Check full analysis report here

24. BizMartIndia

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  62,815

Ranking in India: 7,081

Check full analysis report here

25. ClassifiedsGuru

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  46,805

Ranking in India: 3,821

Check full analysis report here


Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  31,024

Ranking in India: 3,681

Check full analysis report here


Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  #61,376

Ranking in India: 7,510

Check full analysis report here


Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  54,061

Ranking in India: 7,395

Check full analysis report here

I would like to mention some more free classified ad posting sites in India. You should know these websites. Where you can post you classified ad in India with any charges.

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29. Khojle (Dainik Jagran)

This website has been managed by the Dainik Jagran. This is also free classified ad posting website in India.

This website was started by Dainik Jagran in 2018 and has been getting famous with new visitors day by day.

This classified website managed by Dainik Jagran, which is the high selling newspaper in India. The language of this newspaper is Hindi. So you can post the classified ads in Hindi Language as well.

 Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  55,520

Ranking in India: 6,892

Check full analysis report here

30. LinkedIn

You must have heard linkedin in your life. A world largest professional network website. You need a profile in order to post free jobs classified.

But if you will need to post a regular job on Linkedin then you will need to pay some charges.

Alexa Worldwide Ranking:  64

Ranking in India: 30

Check full analysis report here

Conclusion: Daily millions of visitor visits the free classified ad sites in India. Every visitor need some product or services. So, these free ad posting websites in India can boost your sales.

There are many fake free ad posting sites In India. You need to pick the right one to increase the sale of your company.


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