How to Get Free Amazon Prime for college students in India

amazon prime for students

There are lot of queries searched daily that is amazon prime free for students or what charges are for Amazon prime for college students in India. There are lot of more questions on the Internet. So, let’s talk about all of them.  If I say that Amazon prime is free for Students in India.

Then there are some ways to get Amazon prime benefit for free to save money. First, let’s discuss the benefits of Amazon prime subscriptions.

What are Benefits of Amazon prime for students?

Amazon prime has some offers for college going students or others. If you wanted to pass those benefits to your family or friends then you can do or you can take benefits of this amazon prime students program.

This Affiliate program is the most famous loyalty program.

In United States of America, this Loyalty program is for those students who are going to college or even high schools.

Let’s talk about some benefits of this Amazon Prime loyalty Program.

  1. With Amazon prime subscription express delivery available but if pin codes are not under express delivery zones? Then delivery might be delayed.
  2. One day delivery is one of the best benefits in Amazon prime for Students plan.
  3. This platform, there are many tv shows or movies available for free.
  4. Amazon Music is also available for free for its members.
  5. Amazon Kindle is also available without any additional charges

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As you can see that on one subscription you will get many services for free without any extra charges.

amazon prime free for students

What are charges of Amazon Prime for Students?

If you will visit their pricing page then you will find the different pricing table for Amazon prime for student program.

If you choose yearly subscription plan then you will need to pay $4.29 PM. So, for one complete year you will pay $59 in Advance.

But if you don’t want to go for yearly plan then you will need to pay $6.49 PM. If you choose this mode of payment plan then you can cancel any time but yearly plan can’t be cancelled after time given by Amazon.

This pricing plan is only for Amazon prime students including college students and high school students.

The subscription for other members expects college students, it starts from $12.99 PM, which will be $119 per year.

If regular customer buys this annual subscription then he will need to pay around $9.92 as monthly.

The result is in front of you, as you can see that college students and other students pay 50% less than other regular members for Amazon prime subscription.

amazon prime for college students

Now the question is amazon prime free for students?

There are some to get the Amazon prime free for students in India or anywhere else. We will talk on the ways to get this subscription free.

Students can avail of the subscription for free in 3 ways. We will discuss all the ways below in detail to make you understand better.

1. Amazon-Sprint Offer

Now Amazon is running an awesome offer for students. With this offer you will get Amazon prime students membership for free.

If you are the studying at any college, High schools or any other institute, then you will need to signup to Amazon prime membership with .edu email id. Then you can enjoy the students membership for free.

Also you will get all above mentioned benefits for free.

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2. Amazon Prime Free Trial

In this trick you will get the Amazon prime students membership full access with Free trial option.

As you can see below given graphic that you will get 6 month free Amazon prime students membership.

To avail this offer, you will need a credit card because it will save your card. So, you will be thinking that why Amazon need credit card details.

Don’t worry, you will not get charged during your Amazon prime trial membership but once this over then you will be automatically charged by Amazon.

Is this free trial of 30 days or 6 Months?

There are different pricing for table for members. There is 30 days trial available and there is 6 months trial is also available.

Keep in mind 6 Months trial is only for students not for regular members.

Don’t be confused you can check the pricing details below given links.

>> Regular customer Pricing detail click here

>> Amazon prime for students detail click here

Hope everything has been cleared for Amazon Prime college Students and others pricing. You need to be very careful because if you remembered that you have submitted the credit card details.

If you ever forget to cancel the plan then you will be charged immediately after your free trial expire according to your current plan.

3. Amazon Gift Cards

If you ever used the Amazon then you must aware of Amazon gift cards but you can win these gift cards for free from Amazon. I will tell you the top 10 ways from which you can win these Amazon gift cards for free.

 You must know that these are not fully free but somebody can give you these gift cards then these free for you but not for them.

Do you know that you can buy Amazon prime membership with these gift cards? When your 6 months trial expires then you can use these gift cards to buy a Amazon Prime plan.

You should read another blog on how to get a gift card for free then you will have enough money to buy a membership plan.

4. EBT and Medicaid Membership

This is not for Amazon Prime Students member plan. But if you have Electronic Benefits Transfer or Medicaid membership then you can avail this offer on Amazon prim.

You can check the pricing for this membership given below.

>> EBT or Medicaid card customer detail click here

This membership plan is not only the Amazon prime for students but you can’t use any other offer then you can use this. You need above mentioned membership to avail this benefit.

This plan also offer 30 days free trial option if you don’t want to pay then you can cancel the plan before expire date. As you can see on above pricing link that you will be charged $5.99 PM this prime membership.

5. Share Amazon Prime Student

This way is simpler than any other way. It means that if you have Amazon prime membership plan then you can share this account with your family and friends.

Although, it is not as per the policy but no one is going to about this from Amazon.  But you can use this way to get your Amazon prime for students membership without any cost.

You can also take small charges from your friends for this account sharing membership. Then they can play music and videos & they will be able to place the orders on Amazon with prime benefits.

When you will take small amount as a fee from your friends then the Amazon Prime membership will be free for you. Good luck

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More ways to get Amazon prime for students in India

If you are eligible for any offers as mentioned above then there are many more ways to get your Amazon prime for students in India. Which we will discuss here.

Offer by Mobile Recharges

There are many companies that have introduced the Free Amazon, Netflix and Hotstar+Disney accounts for free with their recharges.

1.  Airtel Offers

>> This company Launched new plan in which your will get free subscription of Netflix.

>> It also gives Amazon Prime for students in India through Airtel Thanks. This is not only limited to Students.

>> This is not limited to Netflix or Amazon prime membership for student in India but you will also get other services like ZEE5, HOOQ, Eros Now, ALT Balaji and many more.

Check complete offer detail click here

You can check other companies plan on Interent that how can you avail free Amazon prime for students in India.

If you also use credit cards then you may purchase Amazon prime student membership through credit cards Loyalty points.

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

It’s the choice of memes for some members it is worthy but for some it is not. So, Amazon give free trial period to its members if it is suitable for you. Then you should pay after trial expires. If it is not suitable then no need to pay. You can cancel it before trial expire.

What is Conclusion?

Amazon is not only giving one service under Amazon prime program. You will get many services with one plan. after using their trial period then decide is it suitable for you. You can also get free Amazon membership with above-given tips.

Enjoy Good luck! If you have any confusion for Amazon prime for students plan or any plan in India then you can comment below.


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