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Godaddy India

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Godaddy India a well-known name in the online domains and web hosting market. If you are searching on the internet then you must have heard the name Godaddy. It is most popular in selling of domain names but now it is gaining more popularity as hosting seller. If you wanted you start your own online business then Godaddy India would be a perfect choice for you. On the other part Godaddy also offer affiliate programs to help others to earn money.

You will find many affordable web hosting plans offered by Godaddy India. It provides hosting plans like shared web hosting, VPS and other types of plan. Let’s discuss the Pros. And Cons for using it as a hosting provider.

Pros.  for using it as your Hosting Provider

If you go for this web host then there are many features you will get included with your package. Let’s discuss all the positive points below.

1. 24*7 Support System

You must know one of the awesome feature you will get is 24*7 support system from their team. You can get assistance from their team via Phone, Email and chat system.

They have full experienced and knowledgeable support team. You will not feel any kind of issue when you ask help from them.

As I told you above they offer support via phone as well. So, this option is very useful when you need quick assistance on urgent basis. Like sometimes a beginner without knowledge do a mistake then phone support option is very good.

Whatever you ask from there team they will give a response with patience. If you want to read something or keep updated then follow there Blog section. Which can give you massive information and keep you updated.

2. Windows- and Linux-based servers

Go Daddy India offer wide range of hosting servers based on Linux and Windows technologies. There are many companies who don’t offer windows or Linux based servers. But these both options are available here.

3. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

This option is available in almost every hosting company. Godaddy India offers 30 days full Money Back Guarantee.

This option is good for new users which want to test the hosting server before paying full amount. If you have this feature then it is very useful you can simply test their server without any fear for loss of money.

So, you must know the terms of refund. Few terms are written below.

  1. 30 days refund policy is only applicable on 1 Year plans or annual plans
  2. If you are using monthly plans then you have refund time is 48 Hours only after your transaction time.

There are many others terms. You can read all refund policy terms here.

4. Good UPTIME Service

Your server UPTIME will be great if you go for this web host. Godaddy India claim 99.9% UPTIME, which is achievable.

It means your website will be access able most of the time during whole day. If you web host don’t have good UPTIME then you will lost your traffic during that time. Which means loss in your revenue from blogs or any other website.

Godaddy having a good reputation in the market. So, they try hard keep maintain this reputation. Due to their strong efforts they made a good impression on customers. If you want then you can check their customers review on the internet.

Strong UPTIME is most important factor while choosing the Web Host and Godaddy is very good for it.

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5. Security Features

There are many security services offer by Godaddy in order to secure your website from malware attacks and hacking. These services are like Automatic malware scanning, CDN Service, SSL certificate (Available on addition cost) and many more.

SSL certificate makes your website more secure. This is also available on the additional price and included with hosting plans.

6. One click Install

This is a very useful option when you are new to website or even you have knowledge but want to save time for installing it on server.

You will be able to install the WordPress with one click with doing it manually. Not only WordPress but you have option to install almost 150 apps with single click such as Joomla or Magento etc.

7. Cheapest Plans

One of attractive feature of this web host is that there plan starts at Rs. 99 per month. This plan is useful for those who want to start their blogs or website at low priced hosting or having affordable budgets.

This is very pocket friendly plan available at Godaddy India.

Cons for using this web hosting

As we know every company having pros. and cons for its services. So, Godaddy also have few drawbacks which we will discuss below.

1. Cloud Hosting plans not available

Godaddy provides best web hosting service but it lacks in one point which is that it is not providing cloud hosting plans.

Cloud hosting is one of the fastest and popular hosting now days. Because your data is secure on several cloud servers. This is an alternative of traditional hosting available in market like VPS, Shared or Reseller etc.

Cloud hosting is very easy to use and easily scalable when you needed more power to handle the traffic.

2. High Renewable rates

This con. Is not only for Godaddy India but it is almost every other hosting provider issue. They basically attract you by giving offers and discounts when you buy their products for 1st time. But when time comes to renew them they take high price from you.

Most of time they don’t offer any discount on renewable products.   So, this issue is of almost every other provider in the market.

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What are different types of Web Hosting Plans?

There are different types of Web Hosting plans offer by Godaddy India like Shared plan, VPS server plan, WordPress plan and Reseller hosting plan. We will discuss each and every plan and their features in detail below.

1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting
credit: This image and all other images used are taken from Godaddy website

This is one of the cheapest and affordable priced hosting plan offered by Godaddy India. If you are new blogger or a small businessman then you can buy this hosting plan. This plan is pocket friendly and having many features included.

Shared plan comes with some limitation of use like if you buy this server then you will need to share you space with other peoples this could be a very dangerous sometimes. Let’s understand it with an example, you are sharing space with other 10 websites if one of them having spam content or links then this would affect your website too.

Another reason if somehow one of hosted website gets huge traffic then your website speed will affect or your website might go down for some time. To protect websites from these issues you will need your dedicated server like VPS (which we will discuss below).

If you are thinking to buy this plan then let me tell you that this is available in four sub types. Which are Starter, Economy, Deluxe and ultimate.

> Starter Plan

Starter plan is one of the cheapest plan in this list. You will need to pay Rs. 99 per month if you go for this plan (keep in mind this pricing is for India if you are from any other country then this pricing and features will be different).

You will get many features included with this hosting plan like 256 MB of RAM allocated to your plan, 1 website limit, 30 GB of storage capacity, 1 click install option and unmetered bandwidth data.

> Economy Plan

This plan offers you few more options than Starter plan like 100 GB storage capacity, 10 database storage, 1 click install option and unmetered bandwidth, Free Professional Email and free domain included in plan.

As the feature increase then the price will be Rs. 199 per month in starting and renewable price would be different.

> Deluxe Plan

This plan offers you to host unlimited website with some extra features such as unlimited storage capacity, 25 database option, unmetered bandwidth, Free Professional Email and free domain included in plan.

This plan would cost you around Rs. 299 per month and renewable amount will be higher than this price.

> Ultimate Plan

In this plan your RAM will be at high performance then previous plans available in shared hosting. There are some other features included in this plan which are unlimited websites, unlimited storage capacity, unlimited database option, unmetered bandwidth, Free Professional Email and free domain, Free Premium DNS and free SSL included with this plan.

This is one of the highest priced hosting plan of Shared plan. It will cost you around 449 rupees for Indian users. The renewable price would be higher than this price.

Check the complete shared hosting plans information here.

2. VPS Server

VPS hosting plans Godaddy india

Virtual private server is more secure, fast and reliable for your website than Shared Hosting. In this server you don’t have to share your space with any other website than yours. Godaddy India provide quality of VPS servers.

In VPS hosting you get full root access to the hosting. So, to manage this server you need to have technical knowledge or hire someone else to manage this.

You will get 99.9% UPTIME for this server. There are many features included with your plan like SSD storage capacity, RAM and others. You get 2 types of VPS server one is Self-Managed and Fully-Managed.

What is basic difference in Self-Managed and Fully-Managed Server?

  • Self-Managed

If you go for this server than you will need to manage the server by yourself. You will have root access of the hosting. Technical knowledge is required if you want to work on this server. This server price starts at Rs. 439 per month. There are different plans available as per features.

  • Fully Managed

If you don’t want to waste your time on the tech part and want your full focus on business growth then this is perfect plan for you. This plan would cost you a lot from Self-Managed server which is Rs. 7099 per month.

Different types of hosting plans under Self-Managed VPS server?

If you go for standard RAM plans then these plans will start from Rs. 439 per month. Let’s discuss this below in detail.

> 1 vCPU

In this some features are like 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage capacity etc. One thing you keep in mind that this plan is only Linux based and having no Cpanal. Pricing starts at ₹ 439.00 per month.

> 2 vCPU

This plan offer 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM and 100 GB of SSD storage facility. This plan starts at ₹ 1,217 PM.

> 3 vCPU

There are few extra features included in this plan such as 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM and 200 GB SSD storage capacity. You will get this plan at ₹ 2,679 per month.

There are many other VPS servers plan available at different price range. You can check all plans feature and price range here.

3. WordPress Hosting Plan

WordPress Web hosting plans

You will find many types of plans from Godaddy India of WordPress web hosting. These plan are basically designed for WordPress websites. If you are planning to launch your WordPress based website then this hosting is perfect choice for you. In this web hosting WordPress is pre-installed.

You will get 30 days money back guarantee on this hosting plan. Godaddy india promise 99.9% UPTIME. There are many features included in your WordPress hosting plan such as free business email for 1 yr, free access of themes and plugins, 24*7 support, latest php version and many more.

Every plan included in the WordPress hosting having upgraded and extra features. It has lowest plan starting at Rs. 149 per month and you will get 1 website host facility, 30 GB of storage capacity, 25K monthly visitors, free domain and many more.

All other plans are also having many other extra features but there cost will increase. Check all the feature list and other plans here.

4. Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers hosting plans

Let’s suppose you have huge traffic and million visits per month or a day. So, you need powerful hardware and server to handle this kind of situation. With dedicated servers you get many system resources which you will not find in other plans.

Godaddy India provides best quality of dedicated web hosting plans with 99.9% server UPTIME guarantee. You will get choice to choose SSD or HDD Storage as per budget. Godaddy India provides 24*7 professional support for these web hosting plans.

Your plan will be included Free SSL and dedicated IP with other security features.  Cpanel is very simple and easy to use & designed for beginners. So, that no one should get any issue while using it.

There are two types of dedicated plans like self-managed dedicated plans and fully managed dedicated plans. If you choose self-managed plans then price would be ₹ 8,839 per month and fully managed price would be ₹ 16,428 per month.

Self-managed plans aruseful for those peoples who are experienced and fully technical but if you are not aware technical knowledge or not experienced then I would suggest you to go for fully managed plans.

You will also get options to choose the HDD plans or SSD hosting plans. In HDD plans you will get several plans and features. In starting plan named DS-32, there are few features you will get such as Intel Xeon-D, 4C/8T – 3.0 GHz Turbo, 32 GB DDR4 RAM and 2 x 4 TB HDD Storage (RAID-1) etc. The price will start for this plan at ₹ 8,839 per month.

If you want to upgrade your plan then your features and their capacity will increase. But keep in mind that your plan will also increase. You can check all plans here.

SSDNVMe plan pricing and features would be different such as Intel Xeon-D, 4C/8T – 3.0 GHz Turbo, 32 GB DDR4 RAM and 2 x 500 GB SSD Storage (RAID-1). Price for these plans start from ₹ 9,519 per month. You can check all plans here

There is no doubt that Godaddy India offer a good dedicated server web hosting plans but there is one another company giving tough competition for dedicated servers. Its name is Accuwebhosting, this hosting provider offer many features in affordable pricing.

What is Godaddy Affiliate Program?

Godaddy India Affiliate

Almost every company in the market offer affiliate programs for its customer including Godaddy. Through these programs companies provide authority to their customers to promote their products on various platforms like social media or through blogs. If some buy products or services from affiliate links then Godaddy provides commission on every sale.

There are few steps to join the Godaddy affiliate Program.

  1. Go to Godaddy official website.
  2. Click on join now and fill your details in the form.
  3. If you are selected then choose your ad type like text ads or banners ads.
  4. Place your ad on platforms and start promoting it.

Popular FAQ for Godaddy Affiliate Program

We have shortlisted few FAQs for Godaddy Affiliate program. We know there are many question might have in your mind but we have answered only few question here.

If your question solution is not in this list then you can visit their website for more information or you can comment below. We will try our best to answer your questions.

Ques: What is Godaddy Affiliate Program?

Ans: When any company offer or authorise anyone to promote their products or services. In exchange they will provide commission to customer on every successful sale.

Ques: Where can I promote Godaddy affiliate products or services?

Ans: You can promote products and services anywhere including Social media, Emails or through blogs or websites.

Ques: Will Godaddy provide reports for affiliate sales or traffic?

Ans: Yes, you will get these reports.

Conclusion: If you are interest in making your website or want to start your online business then we would recommend you to check Godaddy India web hosting. You will surely find it very useful and affordable. If you still want to research more hosting providers then check out our article for best web hosting companies in India.


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