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Hostinger india Web hosting

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Hostinger is well known web hosting provider in India. It was founded in 2004 and has Headquarters in Kaunas, Lithuania, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Florianopolis, and State of Santa Catharina, Brazil. As per the review of customers hostinger India web hosting is most secure and reliable in the Market. Hostinger offers many web hosting plans and it also offer affiliate programs.

According to reports around 29 million trusted users are connected with hosting web hosting worldwide. It provides its services to around 178 countries worldwide.

You will get different types web hosting plans from hostinger like VPS server, Cloud hosting and shared plan. With Hostinger you can register domains, website builder and emails. They also offer Lifetime SSL certificate free with every web hosting plans. If you need more lifetime SSL certificates for other domains then you will need to buy it separately at Rs. 855 per certificate.

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What other Feature Hostinger Have with hosting plans?

There are many other features you will get with every hosting plans like Cloudflare Integration, Simple to use Cpanel, 24*7 customer support but only on chat and 30 days money back guarantee.

When you buy a hosting from hostinger then you get a free domain with every plan. Now you need to integrate the domain with hosting. There are two ways to do this. Check below given points to understand this properly.

  1. Purchase the hosting and domain both from Hostinger India.
  2. Domain registrar and hostinger both are different.

>> If you purchase the hosting and domain both from Hostinger then you don’t need worry about anything. You can simply start making your website like on wordpress or any other platform.

They also offer one click install option. It means you don’t have to do anything, just click on the platform and it will be automatically install on web servers.

>> Now if your domain is from other registrar than you will need to change the Name servers in domain. Check the steps below to understand this completely.

  1. Login to domain registrar website account. (In my case it is Godaddy)
Godaddy login

2. Click on All Products option & choose your Domain and select DNS option

Godaddy DNS

4. You will See Name Server option and change the with Hostinger.

hostinger Nameservers

What are Hostinger NameServers


What are different types of Features in Hostinger India?

  1. Cloudflare Integration: You will get free cloudflare account for single website. If you want to buy cloudflare account within hostinger then you need to pay Rs. 500 for each domain.

2. Powerful Control Panel: Hostinger India provides you a powerful but ease of use control Panel to manage your all websites for a single website.

3. 24*7 Customer Support: They provide the 24*7 customer support for their customers. But this is only available on chat. If you need a quick resolution then you should think and compare it with others.

Even you will get the reply from their team but it may take some time for response from them.

4. 30 Days Money back: This is an interesting feature you will get with Hostinger. You will get 30 days money back guarantee means you can test their hosting for 30 days.

5. Easy Scaleable: You will get an option if you need to upgrade the hosting to higher plan then you can do this very easily.

6. 99.9% UPTIME: Hostinger offers 99.9% website UPTIME. So that you should not lose your traffic.

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What are different types web Hosting Plans by Hostinger India?

Hostinger India offers different types of web hosting plans for every business or blog website in affordable prices. According to customers review hostinger India is one of the best web hosting company. All type of Hostinger web hosting plans mentioned below.

  1. Shared plan: Shared web hosting plan is a starting and basic plan offered by Hostinger. You will get three different type of hostinger plans in shared hosting like Single web hosting, Premium web hosting and Business web hosting. These Hostinger plans are best for personal blog and small scale website as per customers review
Shared hosting plans
  • Shared hosting plan will starts from Rs. 59 per month.
  • Premium hosting will start from Rs. 119 per month.
  • Business plan will start from Rs. 219/Month
  1. Single Web Hosting:In this plan you can host 1 website with limit of monthly visitors upto 1 lakh. You will get free SSL certificate with lifetime validity.
Hostinger shared single hosting plans

2. Premium Plan: This is another one of web hosting plans by Hostinger. Premium plan comes under shared web hosting. In this plan you can host 100 websites with unlimited visitor traffic. You will get free domain to run your website.

Premium web hosting

3. Business web hosting: This is most powerful web hosting plans by Hostinger in Shared. You will get many features including all premium features and daily website backups and many more.

business web hosting plans

What is VPS web Hosting?

VPS (virtual private server) is powerful than Shared web hosting and not only powerful it is also most secure server to host a website. You can host ecommerce websites or small business websites without any issue on VPS server. This hostinger plan is best for personal blogs and medium scale business websites as per review.

In VPS server you will get the root access to manage your web hosting. If you want to buy this web hosting by hostinger than you need to have technical knowledge or you will need to hire someone for work.

There are some VPS hosting plans offer by hostinger. Which are mentioned below.

  • 1 vCPU starting at ₹285 per month
  • 2 vCPU starting at ₹639 per month
  • 3 vCPU starting at ₹925 per month
  • 4 vCPU starting at ₹1135 per month
  • 6 vCPU starting at ₹1705 per month
  • 8 vCPU starting at ₹2129 per month
VPS web hosting plans hostinger

What is Cloud Web hosting?

In cloud web hosting the websites are managed through cloud. Website data is not stored in a single server. Every company have its data centers in worldwide. Hostinger cloud hosting is best for ecommerce websites and high traffic websites as per customer review. Hosting also offer cloud web hosting plans.

Cloud hosting plans?

  1. Startup: In this web hosting plan customers can manage 300 websites with unlimited Bandwidth. You will get free SSL and a domain name with every plan. Plan starts at 599 per month.
  2. Professional: This plan also similar to first one but the power of every option will increase like 6 GB of RAM, increased Storage capacity. This plan starts at 1099 per month.
  3. Global: You can host 300 websites like every plan with unlimited traffic. 200 GB of SSD Storage and 16 GB of RAM. This plan starts at 2699 per month.
Hostinger cloud web hosting plans

What is Hostinger Affiliate Program?

Hostinger affiliate

Hostinger also offer Affiliate program. In this if you have platform to promote its products and service then you can apply for hostinger affiliate. You will need to sell its hosting plans to customer than you can earn commission of 60% per sale.

As you know hostinger is well popular company in India even worldwide for web hosting. You only need to sell its products and earn commission per sale.

What are steps to join this program?
  1. Simply sign up to hostinger and apply for affiliate. ( You will need to provide your all required information)
  2. If your application is selected then you will need to login dashboard. Where you can track the performance.
  3. You will get banners for all kind of websites from your affiliate account.
  4. Then if your link got sale then you will get commission from it.

Conclusion:  There is no doubt that hostinger India has best web hosting services at affordable prices. If you need to check Top 10 web hosting companies in India then you can read our article. You can compare Hostinger India web hosting plans with other companies then you can decide.


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