How to Earn Bitcoins? 15 Legitimate Methods to Earn Bitcoins Online

How to earn bitcoins

Bitcoin is now one of the most searched terms on Google. The first thing that comes to mind is, “How to earn bitcoins?”

Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym for a person or a group of people) came up with the term on October 31, 2008. They described bitcoin as a peer-to-peer form of electronic cash that allows online transactions to be made directly from one individual to another without going through a financial institution like a bank.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not have a physical form and relies solely on the internet to function. Approximately 5000 different cryptocurrencies are available on the market. One bitcoin is currently worth $10,700.40. This article will show you how to earn bitcoins.

In layman’s terms, bitcoin is a digital currency that does not require a bank. Bitcoin can be sent everywhere across the internet (even to unknown people).

Bitcoin transfers are not controlled by the government. Blockchain keeps track of all bitcoin transfers that take place over the internet. Unlike banks, all bitcoin transactions are visible on the internet (but the identity of an individual is hidden).

In this article, we’ll take a look at bitcoin, its benefits over paper currency, how to earn bitcoins legally and many more details.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, often known as a cryptocurrency, virtual currency, or digital currency, is a totally virtual form of currency.

It’s similar to a digital version of currency. You may use it to purchase goods and services, but very limited retailers accept it, and some countries have outright banned it.

However, several businesses are starting to recognise its popular uprising.

For example, in October of last year, PayPal, an online payment site, announced that its users will be able to purchase and sell Bitcoin.

The physical Bitcoins that you see in images are just a novelty. They’d be pretty worthless if they didn’t have the private codes put on them.

Each Bitcoin is merely a computer file that is saved on a computer or smartphone in a “digital wallet” app.

Bitcoins (or bits of it) can be sent to your digital wallet, and you can transfer Bitcoins to others.

Each and every single transaction is registered in the blockchain, which is a public ledger.

This allows people to trace the past of Bitcoins, preventing them from spending coins they don’t own, copying them, or undoing them.

People should make their computers process transactions for others in order for the Bitcoin network to operate.

The computers are designed to solve very complex math problems. They are sometimes paid with a Bitcoin that is rewarded to the owner.

People build powerful computers solely for the purpose of acquiring Bitcoins. This is referred to as mining.

But the problems are becoming more and more tough to prevent too many Bitcoins being generated.

It might take years before you get a single Bitcoin if you start mining today.

You might end up wasting more money on your computer’s power than the Bitcoin is worth.

History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was, without a doubt, the first cryptocurrency. Many other cryptocurrencies have since been launched onto the economy as a result of its introduction. Currently, the word “cryptocurrency” refers to both digital and decentralized currencies accessible on the internet.

Satoshi Nakamoto published the source code in January 2009, allowing everyone in the world to start mining and trading bitcoin.

What is the difference between paper money and bitcoin?

Bitcoin and fiat money vary in a number of ways. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important differences.

  1. Fiat money (or money that has been accepted by the government) is centralized. It ensures that a country’s government is in control of the currency. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is decentralized. It means that it is not under the control of any government or country.
  2. There is no restriction to the amount of fiat money that can be produced. It implies that a government has the ability to print more currency. As a result, inflation occurs (products and services become expensive over time and the value of that currency falls). Bitcoin, on the other hand, has a limited number of coins available (limited supply). Just 2.8 million bitcoins are eligible for mining, out of a total of 21 million. When time passes, bitcoin’s value rises.
  3. Transactions involving fiat money are not open to the public. Banks keep track of transfers on their secure computers. Corruption is the result of this opacity.

The transactions in bitcoin are transparent, and the information is processed on separate computers known as nodes. Different nodes communicate with one another and exchange data. A node’s job is to exchange information, obey those rules, and keep a record of all online transactions.

Advantages of bitcoin over paper money

Bitcoin has a number of benefits over traditional currency. Bitcoin solves the double-spending dilemma, which is one of the most common issues with paper currency. It’s a bug in digital currencies that allows the same token to be used twice.

As a result, inflation occurs. But  It doesn’t occur for bitcoin.

Blockchain is a single ledger used by Bitcoin. You can view transactions, create a wallet, and learn all about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies here.

Bitcoin is a global currency of the same value in all countries.

Bitcoin transactions are simpler than those involving fiat money.

Transaction fees are also less than it is for fiat money. Doing the same transaction, banking gateways charge a fee.

Users do not have to reveal their identities or personal details when transacting in bitcoin.

Top 15 ways on ‘How to earn Bitcoins?’

Now that you have a basic understanding of bitcoin, you may be interested in learning how to earn bitcoins on your own. There are various legitimate methods for earning bitcoins. Some are lucrative, whereas others are risky. Do remember that when there is a high benefit, there is a medium to high risk involved.

Let’s take a look at the list and evaluate them in terms of profit, effort, and risk.

1. Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is the first thing that comes in the mind when someone thinks about how to earn Bitcoins. When Bitcoin was first introduced and was not so popular, mining was a much simpler process. Everyone wanted some bitcoins since bitcoin became famous and then became a household name. Bitcoin mining is a huge deal these days. It necessitates the use of costly computers capable of solving complex mathematical problems.

It’s a blend of luck and skill. Some individuals also hire cloud miners to assist them in mining bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining can be very profitable, but it still necessarily requires a significant amount of effort. Bitcoin mining is often costly and requires a higher level of risk.

You have a one in 16 trillion probability of receiving bitcoins by bitcoin mining.

A bitcoin miner’s task is to solve difficult problems and generate new bitcoin. The mathematical problems are used to ensure that the payment is safe and reliable.

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2. Become a Bitcoin Affiliate

You’ve already heard about affiliate marketing. It is one of the simplest methods for earning money online. Affiliate marketing is also successful when it comes to bitcoin. It has the aim to produce leads.

You should sign up for bitcoin partner websites, which would pay you in bitcoin for your actions.

It’s easy to join an affiliate network. Sign up for the affiliate service on bitcoin affiliate websites. You will be given a unique link to share (for a good or service). You will be compensated every time anyone uses your specific link to complete a transaction (for example, 10% ).

The below are some of the most well-known bitcoin affiliate websites:

Coinbase– For the very first three months, you will be compensated 50% at Coinbase.

Ledger– You will receive 10% of the transaction at Ledger.

Trezor– You will receive 12- 15% of each transaction at Trezor.

Coinnama– You will earn 15% of each transaction at Coinnama.

It’s one of the simplest ways to earn money using bitcoin. These websites can be promoted on the website or social media account.

Bitcoin affiliate marketing generally requires a lot of work, but the risk is minimal. This method can help you make a lot of money if you find success.

3. Crypto blogging

Crypto blogging is something you can do if you want to learn about different cryptocurrencies and then share what you’ve learned. Thousands of posts cover bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple on a regular basis.

It has grown in popularity as more people become interested in learning about and investing in bitcoins. Affiliate advertising will also help you to make some extra cash with crypto blogging.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Start a cryptocurrency blog by combining your technological and creative skills.

The below are some of the most well-known crypto blogging webpages:

  • Cointelegraph
  • Coindesk
  • Bitcoin news

Learn how to begin your own cryptocurrency blog by visiting these websites.

Pro tip: You can earn good money with advertising and affiliate marketing on a crypto blog.

4. Signature campaign

Millions of people use websites like Bitcointalk to discuss about bitcoin all around the globe.

You will run a signature campaign on Bitcointalk and raise money in the long run. You can build a loyal community by posting on the forum on a regular basis.

Your blogs can gain sponsored signatures as a result of this. Any time you post your stuff, the sponsors will compensate you.

You will make a lot of income with a signature campaign based on your membership.

A signature campaign is less risky and needs a moderate amount of work. Your regularity and commitment are the only things that matter.

With this approach, you can earn reasonable bitcoin fractions.

5. Trading bitcoin

Bitcoin trading is a risky activity, but it pays off handsomely. Buying something (in this case, bitcoin) and then selling it for a better price is known as trading.

It requires a thorough understanding of cryptocurrencies. And of course good experience. Those who purchased bitcoin at a lower price years ago made money the most. These traders made a lot of money as bitcoin became more expensive. The following are a few bitcoin trading websites:

  • Coinbase
  • eToro

6. Micro-earnings via bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are platforms that pay you to click ads in return for bitcoin. These websites make you click and reward you with bitcoin fractions.

If you’re willing to spend some hours clicking advertisements, you should give it a shot.

Please bear in mind that this is a sluggish method of earning bitcoin. To make a decent living, you must work hard and be patient.

The majority of websites pay between 25 and 100 satoshis per click. 100 million satoshis make up for one bitcoin.

It has a lower risk, but you must put in a lot of time even if you just make a small profit.

7. Create a new faucet

If you don’t want to waste hundreds of hours clicking ads for a fraction of a bitcoin, you should try setting up a bitcoin faucet.

A bitcoin faucet is a website that rewards users for viewing and clicking advertisements.

However, you must devote both time and money to do this. You must avoid scam websites in order to win credibility.

It requires a lot of effort and yields a moderate return. This approach often carries a moderate level of risk.

8. Gambling bitcoin

It is still a risky activity, but those looking to make money with bitcoin do so as well.

This is just a game of luck, so you must focus solely on your good fortune.

It’s a term that’s less known. There are several gaming websites that offer bitcoin as a prize if you win. The majority of them aren’t genuine. The below are few examples of legitimate websites:

  • Bitstarz
  • 7BitCasino

We do not recommend that you risk your money. It’s just one of the many ways to make money.

9. Bitcoin lending

The best part of bitcoin is that it does not need the involvement of a third party. You may lend bitcoin to those who need it if you have some on hand to spare. You will set your own interest rate and profit from it in this way. This money will be used to earn additional bitcoin.

The below are some of the most well-known bitcoin lending websites:

  • BlockFi
  • Unchained capital

10. Accept bitcoin as a tip

Yes, You read that correctly: you should consider bitcoin as a tip. You can provide your customer with your services and ask them to pay you in bitcoin.

People will tip others for helping them on various platforms. Isn’t that fantastic?

You can use this platform if you are willing to support others. is one of these websites. People will tip you in bitcoin in exchange for your services.

11. Read books and make bitcoin

If you are wondering how to earn bitcoins without any investment, this point is for you. Isn’t it wonderful if you could get paid to read a book? It’s the only thing a book worm could ask for. Paid Books is a website that rewards you for reading classic books such as The Ivory Trail, Pride and Prejudice, and many others.

You should give it a shot if you can quickly read books online.

12. Shopping rewards

Read this carefully if you want to know how to earn bitcoins without much effort. Even if you do some daily shopping online, you could earn free Bitcoin. Using shopping rewards businesses which requires installing a plugin extension and using it as a checkout on different products, and earning up to 30% reward points on your orders. This is a fantastic way to win Bitcoins when doing your daily shopping. Lolli is a shopping rewards platform based in the United States that offers users 30% cashback in Bitcoin while they buy online at over 1,000+ retail brands such as Nike,, Macy’s, Staples, and many others. CoinCorner is a UK-based company that offers Bitcoin cashback and works with well-known businesses such as, O2, Europecar, and Vodafone.

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13. HYIPs and coin doublers

Coin doublers and High Yield Investment Programs, also known as HYIPs, are two other methods I recommend avoiding. There are websites that promise to double your money every few days or give you astronomically high-interest rates. These websites simply take money from potential customers and use it to pay off existing users. This procedure generates a great deal of interest in the website, which seems to be legitimate and solvent. Furthermore, they almost always have some kind of referral program for users to refer their contacts.

A Ponzi scheme operates in this manner. This will last for about 3-4 months before the website goes offline and the money is lost. There will be no further payments, and many customers will be angry that they were fooled.

In the last three years, I’ve checked several Bitcoin investing platforms and have yet to find one that I consider reliable to invest in. Any website that promises you something that seems too good to be true is most likely a scam used by scammers to steal your money.

14. Claiming Bitcoin forks and airdrops

Bitcoin started “forking” into other coins in August 2017. In a nutshell, forking refers to the development of a new “Bitcoin clone” from an existing Bitcoin. Anyone who owned Bitcoin before the fork is now eligible to claim the new coin. Bitcoin Cash was the first common fork, but it was quickly followed by Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and other forks. The procedure for claiming forked coins (also known as forkcoins) is straightforward, but it necessitates a thorough understanding of how Bitcoin functions.

Keep in mind that claiming a forkcoin without knowing what you’re doing might result in the loss of your Bitcoins. With most non-technical users, it is also preferable to avoid a fork and keep their Bitcoins secure. Other choices include websites that claim the coins on your behalf and charge a fee – but this could quickly turn into a fraud where the money is stolen. If a forkcoin has a demand, you can trade it on an exchange for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies after you’ve claimed it.


Airdrops and forks are close in that you “get coins out of thin air.” Airdrops are typically used to promote a particular cryptocurrency. The currency is widely available to the general public, though certain restrictions can exist in some situations. Byteball, for example, was publicly available to Bitcoin users based on the number of Bitcoins they held. To summarise, forks and airdrops can provide the best value for the time when it comes to making money with your Bitcoins, but they are also the most risky. In order to claim them, you’ll quite certainly need an initial number of Bitcoins. I would recommend that you use these techniques only after doing extensive analysis and gaining a thorough understanding of the claiming procedure.

15. How to Earn Bitcoins by playing games

Go through this point if you want to know how to earn bitcoins by just playing games. Playing in a smartphone or online games is one of the most exciting and enjoyable ways to earn free bitcoins. You read that correctly: you can play games on your tablet or machine and get paid in bitcoin. However, if these bitcoin faucets want to make money to pay their players, they must bombard their users with commercials.

To skip the advertisements, you can visit a bitcoin casino, where you can bet your extra cash or bitcoin on standard casino games, sports tournaments, and lotteries in the hopes of winning further bitcoin.

How to earn Bitcoins without taking any chances?

Millions and millions of people wish to know the answer to “how to earn bitcoins without engaging in unethical practices”. Some of them cheat others and attempt to steal their bitcoin. Taking the following steps to prevent falling into this trap.

1. Avoid cyber theft: When someone wants to hack your wallet, this is known as cyber theft. It is most common during mining. Also, at all costs, keep the key to your wallet safe. It’s almost impossible to retrieve it after you’ve forgotten it.

2. Avoid bitcoin fraud: If you don’t have any bitcoin yet, you should take precautions when looking for it. Eliminate all offers or advertisements that seem to be too good to be real (they are mostly frauds). Everybody wants to make money in bitcoin these times, and there’s a good risk that scammers will target you next.

3. Watch out for bitcoin withholding: Bitcoin is generated by solving difficult mathematical problems. Honest miners are sometimes unable to fix a problem because the mining pool hides it using computational power.

As a result, despite their efforts, some people get none.

4. Think before diving into the bitcoin world: While Bitcoin is intriguing, it was only created 12 years ago. The future of bitcoin is still unknown. It is better that you have a thorough understanding of bitcoin before actually buying it.

The future of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have had a major impact on the world. They’ll keep transforming the world. Hundreds of people buy bitcoin each second, and this will continue for the foreseeable future. Following bitcoin, a whole slew of new cryptocurrencies emerged.

Bitcoin is gaining popularity because it safeguards people’s privacy. The system, on the other hand, requires a lot of improvement.  Unexpected variations can occur in the future. Some also believe that cryptocurrency will eventually overtake fiat money.

Bitcoin was a game-changer in the cryptocurrency world. Following bitcoin, several of these new cryptocurrencies emerged.

Investopedia estimates that there are 5000 cryptocurrencies on the internet. Ethereum(ETH), Chainlink(LINK), Basic Attention Token(BAT), and others are some of the most well-known names in the cryptocurrency market.

Disadvantages of using bitcoin

You should always consider the bright sides of a scenario. However, you should not overlook the drawbacks. You’re well aware of bitcoin’s advantages over fiat currency. Now that you know how to earn bitcoins, it is the time to discuss some of bitcoin’s disadvantages.

1. Bitcoin is prone to fluctuations in value: Bitcoin’s worth was $.003 in March 2010 and has since risen to $10,684.50. Its value is unpredictable, and it may depreciate or rise at any point in the future.

2. Bitcoin is not accepted by everyone: Just a few people consider bitcoin as a form of payment. People’s faith in bitcoin has risen, but it will still take some time before it becomes as commonly accepted as fiat money.

3. It doesn’t have a physical form: Because Bitcoin has no physical existence, anyone wishing to complete a physical transaction must first convert it to paper money.

4. Buyer protection is missing: When anyone pays for Bitcoin, they can’t get their money back. The sellers may not deliver the promised goods, however, the transaction is completed. The buyer may suffer a loss in this case.

Why do people want Bitcoins?

Some individuals love Bitcoin because it is not regulated by the government or financial institutions.

People may also invest Bitcoins in a relatively anonymous way. Despite the fact that all transfers are registered, no one will know which ‘account number’ belonged to you unless you tell them.

Elon Musk, one of the world’s richest men, said he was a massive supporter of Bitcoin in an online conversation with social media users in January 2021.

He also changed his Twitter bio to include the word “#bitcoin.”

In recent years, he has consistently expressed his support for online currencies, causing significant changes in their value as a result of his personal wealth and influence.

The value of Bitcoin increased dramatically as a result of this support.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

The majority of Bitcoin is bought through exchanges such as Coinbase. You can purchase, sell, and keep cryptocurrencies on exchanges, and opening an account is equivalent to opening a brokerage account in that you must prove your identification and have a means of funding, such as a credit or debit card or any bank account.

Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini are all major exchanges. You can also purchase Bitcoin through a broker such as Robinhood.

You’ll need to have a digital wallet to keep your Bitcoin irrespective of where you purchased it. This is referred to as a hot wallet or a cold wallet. An exchange or a provider stores a hot wallet (also known as an online wallet) on the internet. Exodus, Electrum, and Mycelium are examples of online wallet providers. A cold wallet (also known as a mobile wallet) is a Bitcoin storage device that is not connected to the Web. Trezor and Ledger are two mobile wallet solutions.

A few crucial points to keep in mind when purchasing Bitcoin: Though Bitcoin is expensive, some vendors offer fractional Bitcoin. Fees, which are often small fractions of the crypto transaction amount but can quickly add up on small-dollar transactions, should also be considered. Finally, keep in mind that Bitcoin sales are not as immediate as many other equity transactions seem to be. Since Bitcoin transactions must be checked by miners, your Bitcoin purchase can take 10-20 minutes to appear in your wallet.

How to Invest in Bitcoin?

You can buy and keep Bitcoin as an investment much like an investment. You may now do that in Bitcoin IRAs, which are specialized retirement accounts.

People’s investment philosophies differ depending on where they keep their Bitcoin: Some investors buy for the long run, others buy with the intention of selling after a price rally, and even others gamble on the stock’s price falling. Bitcoin’s price has fluctuated dramatically over time, reaching as low as $5,165 and as much as $28,990 in 2020 itself.

“I believe that people are using Bitcoin to pay for stuff in some places,” Marquez says, “but the fact is that it is a currency that seems to be growing in value very rapidly for some time.” “So why would you sell something that might be worth ten times as much next year as it is today?” The vast majority of its owners are long-term investors.”

People can also invest in a Bitcoin mutual fund by purchasing shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), but it is currently only available to registered investors with a net worth of $1 million and a yearly income of at least $200,000. This means that the vast majority of Americans would be unable to afford it. Diversified Bitcoin investing has become more available in Canada. Purpose Bitcoin ETF (BTCC) began trading as the world’s first Bitcoin ETF in February 2021, and the Ontario Securities Commission has also authorized the Evolve Bitcoin ETF (EBIT). Blockchain ETFs, which invest in the infrastructure that underpins Bitcoin and Bitcoin-like assets, are a good option for American investors seeking for Bitcoin or Bitcoin-like exposure.

However, while crypto-based funds can diversify crypto assets and reduce risk marginally, they still bear significantly more risk and charge significantly higher fees than broad-based index funds with a track record of consistent returns. Index-based mutual and exchange-traded funds are a good option for investors who want to increase their money slowly (ETFs).


You would have learned by now how to earn bitcoins in this article. Bitcoin has enormous potential, and many people purchase bitcoin on the internet every second. It eliminates a number of issues that fiat money couldn’t.

Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly common with people all over the world. There will be much more cryptocurrencies in the coming future, and much more people will invest in cryptocurrencies. This is why it is crucial to gain a clear understanding of what they are, particularly Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency ever.


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