How To Start A Blog For Free In India – Complete Guide for Beginners

how to start a blog in india

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As you know that internet user have been increased with time. Nowdays Blogging is also a full time job for many. If you wondering that how to start a blog in India for free then you must read this article.

Internet Users data in India
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First thing there is nothing comes for free. Why you need to start a blogging? Some wants to earn money and many wants to earn fame. You must know that there is nothing comes free in this world. So, how will you start a blog in India or from anywhere in world for free or paid. I will tell you each step to start a blog.

Let’s know some facts before jumping in to article for better understanding. According to surveys and reports users on internet have been increased in past few years. You can see a graph shown below.

So, if your plan is to start a new blog in India then you can do this by breaking this task in 8 Steps.

If you are just a beginner and want to know how to start a blog in india for free or have Zero knowledge about blogging then read this blog very carefully without skipping any step.

Few task before start a Blog in India

  • Select Niche topic of your Interest
  • Research on your Niche topic
  • Start working on your Niche topics

How to start a new blog in India in 8 steps?

start a new blog in India in 8 steps

You should have a proper strategy before starting your blog because if you choose any wrong interest then you will not be able to get traffic on your blog in India. So in last you will leave blogging.

Whoever is starting blogging they need to work hard to get traffic, give time to make quality content for website.

  1. First you need to think you want to start a blog.
  2. Once you know the answer then do some research work for the topic of your interest
  3. Now you need to select a platform to make a blog
  4. Buy a perfect domain name for your blog
  5. Buy a best, fast and reliable hosting plan
  6. Setup your blog on with you selected platform
  7. Create quality content for your blog
  8. Promote your blog Organically

If you want to start a blog then you need to follow these simple steps. If you are not following any step then you will not be able to start a blog in india.

Now you are reading this article till here it means you really want to start a blog. So, I will  again ask you some question, which you need to ask from yourself.

>> What is the reason for you to start a blog.

>> if yes then do you have any topic in your mind to start blogging.

>> If Not then first select your topic and start some research on topics and keywords.

Hope now you are ready to start your career in blogging. Lets start to understand the all 8 steps in detail.

1. Why you want to start Blogging?

You need to think why you want to start a blog. Because if you’re not sure or having no idea or motivation then you will not be able to get success in the blogging.

If you want to earn money from blog but having no interest in writing content or you don’t know to promote it then it would be a waste of time.

Blogging is something to educate your audience or give true information to your blog readers. Rethink why you want to start a blog in India.

Be mentally prepared because when your blog will grow you will face criticism from other people who don’t want to see you grow.

Make a proper plan for your blog because if you will skip the blogs or skip promoting it then your blog will never be able to rank on Google.

Content should be real and legit with quality. Which gives your users actual information so that they should engage with your blog.

Again why you want to start a blog in India?

Reason can be to earn money? It can to make your presence in online online community? Share your knowledge with other peoples? Or it can be anything.

Now you know the reason why you want to start a blog in India but what will be the topic which you will share with your audience.

It can be story of your life? Products reviews? or anything else?

Some people says that you need to be perfect in writing if you are starting a blog in India or anywhere in world. But I am not completely agree with it because if you want to d something then first you will need to start something.

Whether you are perfect in that field or not with experiments you will not be able to know your strength. If you are not very good in content writing then you need to start writing and with the time you will spend on writing you will learn and earn the sense to think like a writer.

If you will not take any step or experiment then you will never get success. I am not saying that if you create a quality content then you will get success immediately. You will need to work hard to become successful.  

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2. Spend some time on Research

Now you have understood that why you need to start a blog and how it is going to a challenge to become a successful blogger. You have a topic on which you are ready to write quality content. Next step is to do some Research

Why Do I need to do Research when I have topic for Blog?

I know you have a topic to start a blog but you don’t know how many people actually searching for content like your topic. You should know that if you want to become a successful not only as a blogger or in any field then everyday you have to learn some new skills and do research. Like you have huge traffic on your blog or starting a new blog but even then you should do researches that how can you make your blog content to get more traffic.

If you choose a wrong topic for your blog then it would cost you a waste of time and your blog will never get traffic. You need to select that topic in which you are good and also people searching about that topic.

Your topic should be also available for affiliate marketing. Now you must be wondering what is this affiliate marketing. I will tell a brief on Affiliate marketing and how you an earn money through this program.

What is Affiliate Marketing Program?

In simple and short words, I would say it is like you are advertising someone else products or services and when some one is purchasing products or services through your link you will earn some commission.

Affiliate Marketing is a best option if you have traffic on your blog and you are promoting products or services on your blog.

This article is not about Affiliate marketing. So, we will not go in depth for affiliate marketing. But if your blog have less traffic and you don’t have adsense on your blog but your blog topic are related to products reviews or services or affiliated programs then you can start earning from this option.

I hope you know about What is adsense but some how you have no idea then you should check about adsense program by Google.

3. Choose a Platform for your Blog

Choose a Platform to start a blog for free

In this you will get confused that what are platform and should I start a blog with free platform or should I go for paid.

You will find many platforms to start a blog in India for free. You don’t have to pay to start a blog on these platforms. For example WordPress, Blogger and Google sites etc.

Now a days WordPress is world most popular platform to start a blog for free. This is  a well popular open source free platform for personal blogs and other sites. You will find many free themes and plugins to start a blog.

If you wanted to start a free blog in India then you can use platforms like, Blogger or Google sites.

Above given platforms allow you to start a free blog in India and even worldwide. Google sites are the part of google. So you blog will rank little easily than other platforms.

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What are paid options to start a Blog?

If you really want to make career in Blogging then I would personally recommend to use wordpress with domain name and hosting. You should spend some money if you want to grow your blog.

Because if you will go for free plans then there would be some limitation from platforms like if you want to run blog with custom domain not given by platform then you need to purchase domain and integrate it with your blog.

As you know that WordPress is a platform to start a blog in India for free. But you will need a hosting and domain names from provider. Only then you will be able to use this platform.

You don’t have to pay the platform amount but you will have to spend some money on domain and hosting plans.

There are some extra benefits to use a custom domain like your readers will trust your blog and content. You can rank to google with you do SEO. Google will trust you more and many more.

Even WordPress have two platforms named and

The basic difference in both Platforms is that is a free platform like

As I told you earlier that if you use free platform then you will have some limitations and will not have full control of platform. is not useful if you are serious and want to make money from Blog. you can install this on your purchased hosting and then you can start your blog for free in India without any kind of limitation.

In Many hosting providers you will find option named “one click install” with this kind of option you will be able to install the wordpress with single click without any hassle.

Is Paid hosting is best for Blog?

As I have described in above paragraph pai domain and hostng is best to start a blog because you will have full access to your blog without any limitations. Even you will be able put ads on your blog which option is not available in a free platform.

There are many companies in the market, which are providing the hosting services at very affordable prices like Hostinger and Godaddy. Check out best hosting services companies in Delhi.

If you wanted to buy a domain or hosting then it is not going to be high amount. You can buy both in affordable price, which you can purchase by saving from your pocket money.

Buy domain names from Hostinger, Godaddy and Many offers available for domains purchase.

With paid hosting you will be able to control the Onpage SEO of website to rank it in Google searches and help to increase the traffic.

What is the cost to Start a Blog in India?

If you wanted to start a blog in India then it will not cost you a huge amount to buy domain names and hosting plans.

There are many websites in India, where you can buy domain names and choose your hosting plans according to your requirement and at affordable prices.

Domain Name will cost you: Rs. 99 to 199 Per year depending on the type of domain

Hosting will cost you around 2000 – 10000 according to your requirement as per blog traffic.

4. How should I buy a domain name for blog?

domain name to start a blog

As I said there are many companies in India which are providing domain services for blogs or other websites like Godaddy, Hostinger, and Namecheap. You can buy domain names at very affordable prices.

There are many types of domain extensions are available for every country. Like .Com, .IN, .ORG, .NET, .CA, .US and many more.

How these Domain Extensions Works?

As we know that there are different types of domain extensions available. Like if you want to target worldwide or only you want to select a country for traffic then you should buy .COM, .ORG, .NET etc. Domain names.

What are .in, .US and other domain extensions?

These domains are to target prefixed single country traffic. For example if I purchase a .IN domain name then from starting my blog will rank in Indian search results. Because this domain is for india.

It will very hard for me to rank in any other country search results. If you want to rank in other countries as well then you will need to buy .COM, .ORG or .NET domain Names.

You can also visit the Expired domains website for your domain name research. You will find many useful domains listed on this website. Option for filter the domain names and select a useful and powerful domain.

Check the existing backlinks, Domain authority and Page authority etc. at this website before purchasing domains.

5. How to buy a best Hosting Plan for your Blog?

Web Hosting Companies in India

Now you have a domain name on which you will set up your blog but you will need a hosting plan as well. Hosting plans are available at very affordable prices. There are top 10 web hosting companies in India like Hostinger, Godaddy, A2 hosting and many more.

Check: What is web Hosting

Why is web hosting required to start a blog?

Web hosting is basic requirement to start a blog in India. If you don’t have any web hosting plan then you will not be able to start your blog or even not be able to setup it.

We will understand this with a example like You wanted to start a Shop in your area or anywhere. Domain name is like a Name of your shop but you will also need a space to set your shop in the market.

So, same like Domain is your website name and hosting is a space on internet where you will setup your website.

But you will need a web hosting plan according to your website traffic if you will buy a cheap and weak web hosting then your blog will lose your traffic and your revenue.

So, we have shortlisted some best and affordable Different types of web hosting companies. You can go and compare the web hosting plan with feature and cost then decide best plan for you.

Once you purchased a hosting then you can need to follow next step..

6. Setup your blog

Now you have a domain name and web hosting plan. Also, you have decided a platform to start a blog like WordPress, Blogger, and Wix, etc.

For example you have decided to go with WordPress platform and now you want to install it on the hosting and start a blog in India. There are few steps which you need to follow in order to setup a wordpress.

First if you have purchased a domain and hosting from same provider then you can simply install the wordpress on it. But these providers are different then you will need to add hosting provider name servers to your domain under DNS option.

Steps to follow:

I have purchased a domain name from Godaddy and hosting from Hostinger then I will follow below given steps.

  1. Add website to Hostinger Account
  2. Copy the name servers from hostinger
  3. Login to Godaddy account and click on All products.
  4. Now select the DNS option of any purchased domain
  5. Under DNS option you will find the option named Nameservers
  6. Now click edit and paste your name servers.

It will take Maximum 24 hours to completely integrate Hosting and domain. When integration will be successful then you can install the wordpress as same as I have shown below.

  1. Open Hostinger account and select the domain name
  2. You will see one click option. Click on same
  3. It will ask you to add user name and password with other details
  4. When you done all then click on Install

Your wordpress is now on active you can login with details. Which you have given in form.

What should I do after wordpress install?

Now you must be wondering that after wordpress installation. What will be next step. SO, now open wordpress admin and click on Appearance>> Themes. Where you can install the themes for your blog.

Below the theme option you will get plugins option. Where you can install the required plugins for your blog.

You can search for how to work on wordpress on You tube. You will find many videos for this topic.

Now you have successfully install your blog and now you can start writing quality and interesting content for your blog. Which we will talk in next step.

7. Create awesome content

After your blog setup now your focus should be on creating quality content for your blog. Please don’t use spinner content or copy content from other blogs. Google is very strict for his content policies.

It will be very hard for you to rank a copied blog in Google searches. Take time and start writing blogs. In starting your will find it hard you will only write one blog in 3 days or 1 week but trust me after writing 15-20 blogs. Your speed of writing will increase to 1 blog per day.

Content is the king and if your content is not engaging or have no quality then your blog is not more than a waste for you. So, take proper time to create content. You can also hire someone else to write a blog.

But it will cost you if you have limited budgets then you should try to write content by your own.

8. Promote

Now you have put quality content on your blog. You have good quality hosting plan and a good domain name but even then your blog is not getting traffic.

To get traffic for your blog you need to do some promoting and branding activities. There are two type of promotion.

  1. Free Promotion of website (No Cost but time taking)
  2. Paid Promotion (Less Time but costly)

There are different sub types of Free promotion activities and paid activities. I have mentioned all activities below.

Free Promotion Activities
  1. SEO: Search engine optimization is most popular activity to promote and rank your blog in Google search engines. It is almost free activity and you will get higher ranking in Google but wait don’t be so happy because it will not cost you in Money but it will cost you in time and smartness.

Because you will have to make backlinks for your website. Seriously link building is very boring. But if you wanted to get traffic organically then you will need to do the SEO of your blog.

  1. Email Marketing: Email marketing is best to get traffic. You only need to send emails to your audience and you can promote your blog posts.
  2. Social Media: Social Media is a viral platform for your blog. You can get social backlinks and traffic. You can promote it in groups and make your blog page etc.

There are many other techniques to get traffic for your blog. I will nit be able to give all details here in this blog but you can search on google for more.

Paid Promotion

There are some platforms available in market. Where you can get visibility and traffic by paying them for Ads. I have mention few players below.

Facebook: Facebook is a large company. Where you can make a free page and start running your campaigns.

Google Ads: This is a part of Google. You can create campaigns and then you can start promoting your blog with these ads.

Pinterest Ads: You must hav heard of Pinterest. Now you can advertise here and start promoting your blog.

Quora Ads: Recently Quora has starting its own advertising platform. You can promote your content here.

Conclusion: If you have read my all article on how to start a blog India for Free. Now you know all the details to start a blog. If you still having any doubt then you can simply email me through contact us page. I will be happy to help you 🙂


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