10 Simple ways to make money online from home in India for students

how to make money in india

When we all are in college then we all think How to make money online for Students by working from Home in India and abroad. Because we are having a shortage of funds to spend on entertainment, Shopping or to watch movies in PVR.

As like you, I was also feeling the same. So I started searching on internet that how to make money online for students in India. Then after a lot of research i found many jobs like store handler or other jobs.

As we know when we go college our expenses increase, as like other million students on this planet. I also feel same. Today is internet is available for everyone. So, everyone can search online part time jobs to earn some extra income.

You can search both jobs like online or offline during college days. Let’s check all the jobs to earn extra income.

How many ways to make money online in India for students?

When you are in college and want to earn extra income then hour basis work will be a best choice. This will not affect your studies during your work and you will make money online in India.

Even if you work on hours basis then you can do another extra job to earn more money. I have given some jobs to earn money.

1. Postmates Delivery Job (Pay you $21 per hour)

Postmates delivery jobs are simple and to do this job no technical education needed. This job is best to make money in India for students.

No bike or car needed for this job and you can simply walk to deliver the postmates at their given address. If you have your own bike or car or you can spend some money on cab then this will save your time.

As a Postmate you are not limited to only postcards but you can deliver the food or expensive goods as well. You can work with any local business or large restaurants.

You can simply go to their website and register on their website.

2. Baby Care work (Average Pay $20/ hour)

In Baby care work you work as babysitters. This job will pay you Avg. $20 per hour. So, you should have experience that how to manage babies, caring persons for elders.

With care.com you can get these kinds of jobs and you can also get more jobs like tutors, housekeeping or other tasks.

Many students make money online with these jobs. Students have to complete a simple registration process to start work and make money.

Care.com is one of the largest networks which provide these kind of jobs. It is providing its services to around 20 countries. This website has a large number members database around 33 million.

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3. Jobs at Lockheed Martin (Avg. Pay $22/ hour)

Think about those jobs which are not only providing lots of benefits but also provide the flexible work timing and also pay you high hourly payment.

These benefits include the student loans and other health benefits. Also other benefit is to work with one of largest companies of the world?

You much have heard about Lockheed Martin. This company headquarters in United States, which is making global aerospace, defence & security equipment.

So Lockheed Martin offers many jobs opportunity across United States for college students to make extra money. You can check there jobs vacancies here.

4. Federal Interns of US Government jobs (Average Pay $13/ hour)

As you can read the name of this job. These jobs are only available in the United States only for students to make money not in India.

Yes, students can join internship at United States Federal. It is not a joke. United states Government allows students to do the internship at federal under Students Temporary Employment Program (STEP) to make money.

You will get many benefits if you do these jobs like same as federal employees. But this will also depend on the location where you get the internship.

Students Temporary Employment Program is the best way to make money for students. Other benefit to join the STEP is that they will give the required training & other skills which are required for your job.

If anyone wants to join the Federal then this is a best option to get training from your college days.

You need to be having some special skills to beat the competition for this kind of job. You will face much competition in this Job.

5. Chegg Jobs ( Pay $21 per hour)

This job is pretty simple and easy way to make money in India or anywhere in world. You must be wondering that what is Chegg?

This is a website where you can give your books on rent or you can also share your knowledge to other people in form of tutoring.

They have many categories, you can choose your specialize category to start working with them.

How to make money in India for Students?

So, if you are a student in India and want to make money then as like Chegg you can start tutoring to other students. You can also help other student in their studies to make money in India.

If possible for Indian students then you can join the Chegg and start working with them to make money online.

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6. Blogging (no limit of earning)

If you start blogging then there is no limit to make money online in India from home. You can start your blogging work from any part of the world. You only need a topic and having knowledge to start work.

If you will write interesting blog content then many readers will follow your blogs. You only need to give certain education in your blog for your readers. Your blog can be of any topic like education, travel or health.

Don’t give wrong information to your readers otherwise your blog will never give you revenue and no one will come again to your blog.

If you start your blog then you can also start affiliate marketing for products through your blog. Like if someone will buy product by given your affiliate link then you will also get commission.

There are many affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart and many others. You can start your blog niche products and start your affiliate marketing.

7. Content writing (Price varies on content)

You can start the content writing jobs to make money online in India for students. If you are willing to make money through content writing in India then you should visit Internshala, Fivrr, Freelancer or Upwork.

As I said price will varies on the content quality and clients requirement. But this is one of the best jobs for students to make money in india.

8. Warehouse Team Member Jobs

When you do jobs at warehouse then your income will be based on your position and company size. When you join a ware house jobs then you will come to know how they process the orders. You will also learn how they handover orders to logistics person.

There are  many roles in the ware houses, so your income will based on your role. You will learn the complete process from getting orders to pack them and final handover to logistic person.

This job is not only for students in India who want to make money; you can do this job in all around the word like Amazon. This company provide its services to worldwide.

There are many other companies also in the world, where you can work and make money.

9. Captcha Work Jobs (earn more than $250 per Month)

This job is quite simple and easy to make money online in India for Students. No technical knowledge or college degree required for this job. You can simply register on their official website and start working.

Your typing skills must be fast in order to do this job. Because you will get only 15 second to type the Captcha. You need to be accurate because if you type incorrect entry than you will be blocked.

To get payment from this website for your work you will need PayPal Account.

Check: Captch work websites

10. Package Handler Jobs

United Parcel Service is one of the largest package delivery and logistic companies. It provides services to the worldwide. Worldwide it is only known as UPS.

This company runs a earn and learn program. Students can make money by working in this company as a handler.


In the above article, I have shared few jobs for students to make money in India and worldwide. You can select a job according to your interest of area.

After reading this article, you know that making money during college is not difficult. Only you need to find a right job for you.

There are many other jobs to make money in India. If you are looking jobs outside in India then you can find the jobs on your country websites.


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