Top 12 data entry jobs online from home without investment

Top 12 data entry jobs online from home without Investment

Online data entry jobs to earn extra income without making investment. You can earn approx.. $200 to $600. Data entry jobs online are the simple and best way to earn income by working from Home for Students or Housewives without making investment in India.

There are many typing jobs available in the market. You can choose that data entry jobs online, which will pay you high revenue working from Home without making investment.

Other factor will also play role like typing speed, Qualification, Knowledge of English etc. while choosing your typing jobs.

Today we will discuss regarding every data entry jobs, which can be done from Home and without making investment in India from which you can earn massive part time income.

Types of online data entry jobs without Investment

You will find the full list for every data entry jobs. You should read this article carefully to check. Which job is suitable for you to earn extra part time income?

1. Captcha Entry Job

Captch entry jobs are one of the easy and best way to earn income online. You will be paid little less but this job is one of the simple and easy to do like a data entry jobs online from home without Investment in India.

You need to sign up on their website to get start working. Now you will have 2 options to work on this website. One will be to do this job on their website.

Second way will be to download their software and working on them. According to campany, if you download their software then you will get captchas fast than website.

You will be able to earn approx.. $250 to $500. These jobs are perfect for housewives and students to earn money with investment.

What do you need to do this job?

>> Your typing speed must be fast because you will get 15 sec to enter the Captcha.

>> You understanding power should be perfect to understand the right answer.

>> You need a laptop to do this job without any interruptions.

If you need to learn more about other high paying jobs then you should check this Captcha work jobs article.

You can start working on these jobs on above given link. Kindly check that and start earning today.

2. Copy & Paste Jobs

These jobs are also one the best for online data entry jobs for college student to work from home without investment. Here you will need to copy data from one file to another file like one word or excel to another word or excel.

As you can see that this job is very simple no technical knowledge is required. You have to be careful because there should not be any mistake while copying data. To avoid the mistake you should have basic knowledge of English language because you need to understand first to avoid mistakes.

Check all copy and paste jobs here.

3. Micro Jobs

If you will search for Micro jobs on internet then you will find many jobs. So, when you register as a micro job worker then you will given many tasks. You can earn extra part time income from these kind of jobs.

As I said above that you will find many jobs for these kind of employement. You can earn approx. $250+ per month.

Check out for Micro Jobs sites here.

4.  Survey Forms

Another online data entry jobs without investment is Survey Forms. In this job you need to fill the survey on another websites.

These surveys can be for any product review or anything other, with the help of these survey companies can improve their existing products or services or they can launch new products with the fulfilling the consumers requirements.

Check this for Survey Forms websites

Note: Simple ways to make money online for students

5. Basic Typing Job

This is another simple and easy online data entry job in the market, which can be done from home and without any investment in India or outside India.

In this job worker have to type words from one word to another. It is very similar to copy paste job.

This job does not require any technical qualification expect your speed of typing. You need to be having a fast typing speed with accuracy of typing words.

Because you will be paid on the basis of your work and your job is typing job.

Click here for top typing jobs

6. Form Filling

Form filling is also a good option to work from home jobs with investment. In this job you need to fill the form to earn extra partime income. There could not be any information on the form then you will need to put information on your own.

Check online form filling jobs

7. Image to Text

As you can read the job title. You will be given an image, where text will be visible. You only need to write that content to another file for example in word or excel file.

8. Medical Transcription

For this job you should have great listening and fast writing skill. You will also required understanding skill in order to do this job. This job is little bit different from other typing jobs or data entry jobs.

Check the Medical Transcription jobs

9. Formatting

In this kind of Data entry job, workers have to format the written content in the proper manner. It is not easy job because you need understand the content then according to that you can format any paragraph of content.

You need to learn the MS word for these jobs.

10. Content Writing

This is not a properly kind of data entry job but you can earn money from this job. You can earn income on hours basis.  You can do this jobs freelance or part time or you can do this job full time as well.

In this client will give you the article to write and he will pay you accordingly. So to do this job you need thinking and writing skills. You can’t copy the article; your content should be unique.

Check the content writing jobs

11. Catalog Data Entry Operator

In Catalog data entry operator job you need to enter all the product information including the price, Sr. No and other things in the excel.

This is one the easiest data entry jobs online from home without investment in India from which you can earn extra part-time income.

12. Payroll Data Entry Operator

 Here candidate needs to do the entry of payroll of employee in big companies. These companies hire people to do the entries in to excel sheet like making employee lists, income and bonus etc.

You can earn partime income from this job.


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