Top 10 Online Micro Jobs sites in India to earn $500 a Month (Updated)

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If you want to earn money from online then you can do this by completing small tasks in your free time. These work jobs are called online micro jobs. There are many different sites on the internet. Where you can go and apply these micro jobs online.

Today many people don’t want to do 9 to 5 jobs or spend time sitting in the office chair and making ppts. Everyone wants to do his own work where he or she will be the boss. The best way to do this is Freelancer jobs. 

There are many Freelancing jobs available in marketing such as writing, editing, Graphic designing and many more.

Micro jobs are the easiest and simple way to earn money online by working from home. There are many college students and housewives in India earning money by completing micro jobs tasks.

Many websites available in the market where anyone can find the online micro jobs easily. You don’t have to give a lot of time to these jobs, just do these jobs when you are completely free.

What are Micro Jobs?

When you do small tasks then these are known as micro jobs. There are different types of micro jobs available in the market such as graphic designer, writing and many more.

These are like a part time job you don’t need to give your full day to complete these small tasks.

Many websites are available in the market where you can find types of jobs. Best part of this job is that you don’t need a big set up or workspace. You can do these jobs by working from home. 

If you think you will earn thousands of dollars by completing simple tasks then you are wrong because you will get only a few cents for completing each task.

If you have understood what micro jobs are then let’s discuss more..

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There are different types of micro jobs available at many websites. Which you can see and apply online.

1. ClickWorker
DigitalMarket - Micro jobs online

If you are thinking to work and earn money from your talent then you can start working on Clickworker website and you can earn money with your talent. One of the biggest benefit of this website is that this website is available in different languages.

You can signup on this one of the best site, which provide micro jobs in form of tasks and opportunities. You can simply register with them and then start working and earn money. Around 1.8 million workers are working here all around the world.

Best part of this website is that it process the payments on weekly basis but the withdrawal amount should be minimum of $5 . You can click below and check their website if you find suitable micro job to earn money in 2023

2. Fiverr
Fiverr - micro jobs

Almost everyone knows this website by word of mouth. THis platform is similar to the above. Here you can offer your freelance services to those customers who are looking for services like you.

Some services start at just $5. Fiverr also takes commission from all transactions. This commission only applies to sellers not buyers. If a gig on Fiverr sells service at $5 then $1 will be deducted as commission to Fiverr.

On this website you can sell any kind of service like Backlink building, SEO services, Content writing, Logo designs and many other services. 

How to sell services on the Fiverr

You can start providing your services after joining the Fiverr. If you work genuinely and complete projects or work in a timeline then you will get more sales. But if your track record is not good then you will not get enough sales.

There are different types of fixed levels for sellers like 1st level sellers, 2nd level sellers and top rated sellers. The higher level you have, the more sales you get.

If you are good at your work then you will earn massive income from fiverr. It will take some time to get massive income.

3. SEOClerks

Another website to find micro jobs online you should visit SEO Clerks where you can sell your work services at any price.

Here you need to give a commission on your revenue to this website which is around 20%.. As like other websites you can use various types of services like content writing, graphic designs and SEO backlinking services.

Here also you will get work on your performance rating the better your performance, better sales and earn money. To start earning on this website you will need to set up your profile and offer your services at any price you want.

4. Gig Bucks
Gig bucks

On this website you can offer your freelancing services to other people or businesses. Your services can be between $ 5 to $50 per project. 

You can offer various services like Art & creative, Advertising, Health & Wellness and many more.

5. Envato Studio
envato studio

Envato is one of largest marketplace for different type services Envato studio, envato elements and many more. 

It was founded in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. You can sell your services like video editing, Audio expert and other services.

You can choose your work category and start making money by providing your services.

6. Zeerk

On this website you have permission to sell your products and services from $3 to $200 per Gig.

Like websites above you have various categories to start you earning like Social media marketing, SEO and software etc.

You need to make your profile here and start making money online by completing micro jobs tasks.

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7. TrueLancer

Truelancer was founded in India. This platform provides opportunities for freelancers to give their services.

There are many categories available for work like Logo designing, voice over services, Developer and many more. You can pick any category according to your speciality. 

8. Guru
guru - micro jobs sites

This platform is useful to find micro jobs online.

You will find many freelancers available for different types of services web & software, Sales & Marketing and Legal services etc. There are other categories as well for freelancers.

If you are good in photo editing then you can choose design categories to design Logo and other stuff for clients.

9. Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon mechanical turk

Amazon is a well known website in the ecommerce market. If you ever surf the internet then you must have visited this website once in your life. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk is well known worldwide. Due to its popularity many business and other individuals trust this website and they post micro jobs tasks online here. 

Even many times college students post their assignment work to be completed or make some reports or PPTs etc.

How it Works?

This all works in a simple way like a requester posting his requirements or work details. It coils be an assignment or it could be a report in excel.Once their work is done then they pay you.

A freelancer accepts their micro jobs and they complete it on time and then they receive an amount by requester.

UpWork - micro jobs

A well known website in the Freelance community. This is one of the biggest websites to find the micro jobs online.

They only quality and professional people on their platform for work. If you are serious about making money then you can join this website today to earn massive income.

They have 4 million loyal clients who post around 3 million jobs on this platform annually.

There are many categories available on this website to get started.

11. CrowdSource
crowd source

Crowd source is also a legit website to find micro jobs online. This website provides content & data solutions services. 

You should check this website if its service categories are okay then join this and earn money online by micro jobs.

12. Freelancer
Freelancer - micro jobs sites in india

As we are reading about freelance service, this website is very popular and has many registered freelancers on its platform.

Joining is very simple and you can choose your expertise category and start providing services to clients and get paid. 

13. ProBlogger Marketplace

This was found by one of the best bloggers in the world named Darren Rowse. If you have expertise in the online marketing projects like link building and web development then you can join this site and start making money.


There are some other websites as well for finding micro jobs online like SimplyHired, Design Crowd, PeoplePerHour. 

If you really want to make money online then you should join these websites to find micro jobs online. These are a few best options which I found in my research. 

If you are running a business or website and don’t want to join them as a freelancer then you can use these websites as an option to get your work done at a cheap price within timeline. 

If you have used any one from these websites or any other website then you can share your experience by commenting below.


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