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Whole crypto world has witnessed a rise in their prices on Monday

SOLANA has gained more 20% prices hikes in their coin named SOL. Market cap of $6 billion & gained 11th spot in crypto ranking

One of the best performing crypto currency BITCOIN also saw an increase of 1.7% in its price in last 24 hours

2nd worlds famous crypto currency has gained 3.80% in price. With a huge trade volume of $4.7 billion in last 24 hours

Elon musk favorite crypto currency has gained 4.6% to reach $0.1 with market cap of $9.9 billion

One of best performer crypto in the year of 2020 SHIBA INU fumed with 5.6% in its price.

Few other crypto currencies like Cardano jumped with 20%, Polygon increased by 7.55% and polkadot was up by 6.65 in last 24 hours