What is VPS Hosting & Benefits of using a VPS For Your Business

What is VPS Hosting

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VPS stands for short for a Virtual Private Server. It’s a very popular hosting service that anyone can choose for their website. This server uses the technology to provide a private server for all the users connected to it.

As compared to shared hosting where you don’t get dedicated server space. VPS is a way more secure and stable connection.  It’s a better way of establishing a secure connection and suits the best for small scale operations

A Virtual Private Server is chosen by the owners of the websites having medium-level traffic to their webpage that is more than the limit of shared hosting which doesn’t need the resources of a dedicated server.

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VPS Hosting Pros and Cons

A VPS hosting can be really good for your business if that’s the service you need. So, below we have mentioned the pros and cons of having VPS hosting. Which will help you to decide if it’s actually what you need.


  • Faster and more reliable server as compared to a shared hosting server.
  • There’s zero to minimal fluctuation in available resources as server resources such as memory or processing power are guaranteed.
  • The traffic of other server users doesn’t affect your website or cause any issues.
  • It gives you Root access also known as superuser to your server.
  • It gives you better privacy as all your data and files are not accessible to any other server user.
  • You can upgrade your server resources like RAM ROM CPU hard disk etc as your website grows along. Which makes it an easy-to-scale service.


  • It costs more than shared hosting.
  • More technical knowledge is required to operate and manage the server.
  • If the server is not configured properly, it may lead to information leaks and many other security vulnerabilities.

So If you are looking for a reliable, business-scale hosting environment at a friendly price. It’s worth considering VPS hosting for your website.

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BENEFITS OF Using this Server

If you are trying to create a successful business, every side of your business must perform at the best possible level, and a major part of this includes the web servers. Having a slow server can have a negative impact on your website as it makes the visitors unhappy, which could lead to a loss in the end. Because of this reason, many businesses have chosen to use virtual private servers (VPS) for their hosting needs.

Now we’ll discuss the top benefits of having a VPS for your business

1. Increased Performance

VPS will ensure that your business remains independent from other users. Whereas, in a shared hosting plan, there might be hundreds of other users sharing the same server as your business. Websites that share a plan can affect one another which can cause functionality problems. So, it’s important to have your own server for smooth operations. Let’s say if a website is sharing the same server as your business and receiving high levels of traffic, it can slow all of the sites on the server. The functioning of your website would never be determined by any other sites if you are using a VPS.

2. Greater Control

Another advantage of using a VPS for your business is that you can have root access to your server. If you do use a VPS, it would a normal issue for you to have a lack of access to your root environment. And if you don’t have root access, then you must rely on the software packages that the hosting provider supports. Security concerns might be raised if there is the use of unsupported software for hosting providers. This means that if you go for a VPS, your business will be able to freely implement any necessary software changes within the server.

3. Scalability

You can predict the amount of traffic on your website if you own a small business and don’t have plans of expanding. And if you are aiming to grow your business, then you would need your own server as the traffic levels will increase as the customer base expands. A VPS makes it way easier to scale up the operations without interfering with the functioning of the server whereas a shared server can be limiting in regards to scalability. Scaling up can be as simple as upgrading your hosting plan and this thing won’t even require any server downtime and your website will continue to operate without interruption.

4. Low Cost

Earlier, a VPS was too expensive to be used so the businesses would typically opt for shared hosting plans. However, as time passed and the internet technologies advanced, the cost of VPS hosting has become economical which makes it an option for nearly any business. A VPS hosting plan is provided by many for as low as $10 per month which is very economical for any business which is looking to expand its operations in the coming time.

5. Customer Service

If there are any problems that are encountered with a hosting service, it can create a stressful situation. As the operations and livelihood of your business might be fully dependent on these servers. Having a VPS would provide you with a dedicated customer service representative who would help you to resolve your issues. They can also offer you some valuable recommendations that will meet your business needs.

In Conclusion

Virtual Private Server has become a necessity as the internet technologies are continually improving, and more and more businesses are utilizing the power of the internet to increase their exposure. While having a shared plan can have a negative effect on the functioning of your website. If the traffic increases as it would slow down the severs. A VPS on the other hand will allow more flexibility and easier scalability to expand your business. If you require a best hosting service for your business, then you should consider a virtual private server. You can also few handpicked VPS hosting providers like Hostinger, A2 hosting and Accuwebhosting.

We hope this article helped you understand what is VPS hosting and how VPS works and how it can benefit your business.


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