What is Web Hosting | Different types of best Web Hosting for small business

What is Web Hosting

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When you decide to make website either for your small business or a personal blog. Then you need a Domain name and web hosting for your website. There are many companies in the market, which are providing different types of best web hosting for personal blog and for small business websites. When you visit any hosting company website to buy a hosting plan then you will find different types of web hosting plans. Like shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting. We will also discuss web hosting vs cloud hosting plans.

What is Web Hosting?

When you purchase a domain then to make a website you will need a hosting. Without hosting, you will not be able to make a website.

A hosting is that you are purchasing a space on the internet to store web files and other content data.

Every web hosting plans have a allocated space for your website like SSD storage, Bandwidth usage, Sub Domain creation etc.

Hosting plan depend on your website nature like you need website to run a online store or to make a personal blog. If you have existing huge audience data base and traffic then you will need a higher hosting plan.

When you buy the best web hosting plan for your small business website then it will be like as you have a rented property at internet server and you can make a website on it.

Choosing a perfect hosting is always a time taking job because if you buy a cheap hosting to save some money then it could cost you in future.

Why UPTIME is Matters in choosing a web hosting?

Web hosting UPTIME

Like if your hosting UPTIME is little low even if it is 98% then it could be a huge lose in your future revenue. During downtime your website will not be accessable to anyone or website will take lot of time to open.

Lets understand this with a formula:

For example you website was operation 98% in whole month. If we calculate full month in hours then it will be 24*30= 720 Hours. Now the website UPTIME was 98% then your website downtime will be 2%.

It means 720*2/100 = 14.4 Hours. As I told earlier that during downtime your website will not be operational or fully functional.

If you are running a blog and your website is down for 14.4 hours then your traffic will fall and you will lose your income.

Hope you understand that what is hosting and why we need the best web hosting company for small business website and even for a blog. You can check top 10 web hosting companies in India for your website.

What are different types of web hosting?

types of best Web Hosting for small business

Every web hosting company offer different types of web hosting plans for their customer according to need of a business.  Like if you have a huge traffic for your website then you will need to purchase a high price plan. If you are a beginner then you can buy a basic web hosting plan then upgrade it according to your needs.

There are different types of web hosting plans offer by every company like shared hosting, VPS server hosting plan and cloud hosting. Hosting company also offer plans exclusive for wordpress websites or wocommerce websites.

Every hosting plan have their own features and storage capacity for files and speed.

Let’s discuss different types of web hosting plans in depth to understand more.

1. Shared Server

This is basic level types of web hosting. You can see on company website that its pricing will always be very less than other types of web hosting. If you are just a beginner and having a limited budget to start a website then this is hosting is perfect for you.

If you are want to start a website then you can choose this hosting plan. You will find that even this plan will have different types of web hosting pricing. You can compare them all and decide which hosting will be perfect for you in regards to cost and features.

This type of web hosting is not for big online stores or ecommerce websites. Also check the Storage and bandwidth limit before buying this shared hosting plan. Because if your website traffic is huge compared to its given bandwidth and storage capacity then your website will crash or will not be access able.

As you know it is a shared hosting and it is purchased from a local hosting company, the your website could face a security issues. For a testing purpose we hosted few websites on shared hosting, we found some security issues like website redirect to another domains. This a issue with shared hosting. So, choose it from a good company.

2. VPS Server

Virtual private servers (VPS) is a more secured type of web hosting form Shared hosting. It is because you will have root access to the hosting. You can buy a VPS server and then you can host multiple websites. You can allocate the bandwidth and storage size for every website.

It is more secured hosting because you will have the root access and you will can manage your hosting as like you want.

In VPS hosting you will need to have a technical knowledge or need to hire someone, who will do manage the VPS server hosting. If you don’t have a technical knowledge then you should not buy this hosting.

A blog or an online store can be hosted on this VPS server web hosting. You will find the different pricing plans for VPS hosting. You can upgrade the plan when you need. This hosting plan is considered best and secured for small business and online selling websites.

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3. Dedicated Server

This hosting is like you buy a full dedicated server for your website. Someone buy these hosting plans when he needs full control over the server to run websites.

Pricing of this website will be high compared to above web hosting. You will find more flexibility, more control over the server and more security on dedicated server hosting. If you have a large website and have huge traffic then you can buy this web hosting.  As you know you will have full root access with this hosting then if you have don’t have a good technical knowledge then you will need to hire someone else to manage this hosting.

4. Cloud Server

Cloud hosting is most popular web hosting in the market because your data will be saved on different cloud servers. It is expensive from all above given hosting plans.

This hosting plan offers you to host multiple websites from same hosting. `It will offer you unlimited bandwidth and huge data storage capacity.

You can host large websites and online stores websites, and blog on this web hosting.

A high-end technical knowledge is not required or need to hire someone else to manage this hosting.

You will find different types of web hosting plans in cloud hosting to get started.

5. Reseller Hosting

As we can understand the work of this hosting with its name. You can purchase this hosting plan and sell to other third party. People buy this hosting to sell this to make additional recurring income.

This hosting can be used if you have website designing work then you can manage the domains on this hosting plan.

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Few important factors while purchasing web Server?

UPTIME: UPTIME is most important factor while purchasing any best web hosting for your small business website or blog. If UPTIME is not up to mark then it could be biggest factor in your earnings. Hosting UPTIME should be 99.9%.

Bandwidth: if you are beginner and having a normal traffic to your website then limited bandwidth will be okay. But if you are expecting high traffic then you need unlimited bandwidth hosting plan to save website from crash or down.

Storage: This play a important factor while choosing a best hosting for your website. You plan should have enough storage capacity to save website file. If you have a ecommerce store then you need to take this factor seriously.

CPanel: Your Hosting should have a ease to use Cpanel. So that you should not need any technical knowledge to manage websites. It should have email account creation options, PHP options, file manager, .htaccess, MySql and FTP options.

Cost:  If you are a beginner and don’t have huge traffic on website then your pricing can starts from Rs. 59 per month. Keep in mind this is a starting basic hosting price. Different types of hosting and companies plans can be different.

Technical Support:  Your hosting company should have 24*7 customer support. So that if you face any issue then they could help you on time.

You can check all the best web hosting company in india to save your time on research of best hosting for your website in India. Even if you are not from India even then you can check above link. These are the best hosting companies.


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